The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



We walked out of the hotel and over to a nearby alley. “Do you think they saw us?” I asked, leaning against one side of the alley. Enzo leaned over across from me, shaking his head. “Let’s get out of here.” he said. He ran to the end of the alley and scaled the wall, jumping from pipe to pipe, eventually grabbing the lip of the building and pulling himself up over it.

He peeked his head out and stuck out his hand. “C’mon, it’s easy!” he laughed. Man, I love his voice. I thought to myself. It was a very light, cheery tone, but the matureness was also there. Way different from when I found him. Before, he was quiet and barren. I shook my head and took a step backing up a step to get a farther running start. Just as I was about to run, I heard the doorbell of the store next to us ring. I ran as fast as I could jumping up onto the pipes, scrambling up them as quick as I could.

I was confident that we could beat the thugs or anybody else that had come out of the store, but it would take up precious time and it would probably wake up everybody near us, which amounted to be quite a lot of people. “Hey, girl! What are you doing?” I heard someone say in a deep voice. I didn’t turn my head and kept climbing, rolling onto the roof after jumping from the pipes. Enzo had already started running to the next house, jumping down onto their house.

I followed suite, looking to the side and seeing the sun peeking over the horizon. “We have to go!” I yelled at Enzo, when I caught up to him. “People are going to wake up soon and see us!”

He nodded, and jumped onto the next house. We kept house jumping for a couple more houses and shimmied down the plumbing drain that ran down the side of the house. Enzo went down after me, and as I landed, I peeked around the corner to see if there was anyone there. No one. I thought to myself, relieved.

Once Enzo hit the ground we ran into the nearby forest on the opposite side which we entered the town. We ran as far as we needed into the forest, enough so that the we were deep in the forest and the town was barely visible. I looked around, seeing if anybo--


It sounded right behind me, and I turned around to see Enzo laying on the ground. I put my hand on his back and sensed that he had near any mana left. I looked down at myself and saw a wispy purple flow down me back into him. She felt her shadows talking to her, and she asked them what it was. “Kare wa watashitachi ni kakushi o tsuketa.” What? He cloaked us?

I heard a slight laughing sound and looked at Enzo, however his mouth was shut and he was still unconscious. I looked behind myself and saw one of the villagers, a butcher’s knife in hand. He swung wildly at me, slicing my arm and drawing blood. A first it was only a little, but soon it started to bleed faster. I quickly felt my arm becoming weak. I was going to shoot a shadow at my attacker, but there was a sharp pain in my arm. The berserker attacked again, and caught my other arm, drawing blood. I tried to dodge the next attack, jumping to the right, but I landed on a rock, and felt my ankle twist underneath myself. ‘Shit!” I yelled, looking at the man as he raised his knife for another attack. The blade came down again, but it never hit me.

I felt no pain, and wondered what was going on. I opened my eyes again, and saw Enzo stadig in front of me holding the knife with one hand, and his other hand in the attacker’s gut. He pulled his hand away, revealing a knife and a hole. Enzo grabbed the knife that was just barely in his other hand, and flipped it so that now he was holding it.

The attacker staggered away, putting his hands out in front of himself. “No! Please! I’m so--”

I closed my eyes as I felt a blade gouge into the man’s flesh. He choked and started coughing. I opened my eyes again to see my attacker on the ground, his own knife stuck in his leg. He was crawling on the ground, and I could hear the leaves crumbling underneath his body weight. Enzo watched him for a couple seconds, his eyes glowing a different shade of purple, way different from the normal shade of dark brown they normally were. He turned to me, looking at me with a demonic stare. “Enzo!” I yelled. He stopped for a second and I saw his expression change for a split second. “Enzo. It’s me, Lynne!” I yelled desperately. He stopped and his eyes changed back to the colour they were before. I looked over to the guy who had attacked me before, and he was still, his eyes, still open and unmoving, looking at me. I looked up and saw Enzo falling. He fell beside me and, I watched as some blood from my arm dripped down onto his face. I looked at Enzo and started to notice something. A group of strands turned from void black to a shimmering silver, the same colour my hair was. I sighed remembering when my hair was a light hazelnut brown. It had changed to this silver colour after a couple years of using my shadow powers, however I still have a couple of brown strands, even after all this time.

I had first started using my shadows as my father, who was also a shadow master, taught me. Since we were hunted, he taught me how to fight back and how to get away quickly. Then, after I had shown him my control spell, we were ambushed by the army. They stood on the edge of the meadow we called home. The commander stuck his arm out in front of his mini-army, telling them to hold fire. They wanted us alive, however, one of the soldiers must not have heard his commander. He loosed his arrow at me, but of course my father jumped in front of me. He gave me transferred his most trusted shadow to me, told me to run. Run as far as I could, and then keep running. Find someone like us. And then take down the True Order.

That Shadow’s name is Tullius, and he’s taught me a lot of what I know.

I put a hand to Enzo’s cheek and whispered, “Why did it have to end like this?” I whispered looking over at Enzo. His eyes opened again, in his original shade of dark brown. He crawled up to his knees and lifted me, putting one arm under my knees his other arm slipping underneath my back.  He got up onto his feet and looked at me. His eyes glowed, and he smiled. Turning away from the city. He took a couple steps deeper into the forest and then broke out into a sprint. I bobbed and bounced around in his arms, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. After a couple seconds of bouncing around, the bouncing stopped. I opened my eyes again and saw that we were still moving at a steady pace, but I felt his arms shifting underneath me with every step. I giggled a little, and felt my stomach hurt a little.

He’s moving his arms to the bounces. Whenever he took a step he would move his arms with my body so that I didn’t bounce. I snuggled up closer to his chest and felt him slow down. Eventually he stopped running straight and turned to the side. I looked at his face, which was turning around looking at our surroundings. He walked slowly to a large tree and stepped into it. I looked around myself and saw that we were in the tree. I saw a couple of glowing caterpillars on the sides of the trunks, and some fireflies sitting at the top of the tree, waiting for dark to fall.

Enzo sat down with his back against the tree, and he laid me down so that I was lying on top of him and with my legs sitting on the ground. “Thank you” I smiled looking at his face. He looked back down at me and smiled. “No problem.”

A couple minutes later I felt myself drifting to sleep, and Enzo’s warm lips kissing my cheek. “Good night.” he whispered

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