The Shadow Weaver

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I am sooooo sorry peoples! I have been really busy, but I managed to make chapter 12. It is one of the shortest chapters, but I'll try to make a really good chapter 13 for you! Sorry for the

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018




I woke up a bit later, unsure of the time. I looked around and tried to get up. My legs felt a little stiff, as did the rest of my body. I remembered that I was sleeping on the forest floor. Looking at the full moon hanging in the sky, barely visible above me, I felt myself checking to see if anything had crawled onto me. I felt a different fabric then what I normally wear. I tore my gaze from the lovely moon and saw Enzo’s cloak. “Where is he?” I whispered. Then, a montage of pictures flashed through my brain. They showed Enzo when he was fighting my attacker, a bit of his hair turning white and his eyes changing colours. They showed him losing conscious and falling. And then he turned back, his eyes changing back into the familiar rich dark brown that I loved.

I closed my eyes and watched the pictures fly through my head. I opened my eyes again after watching the slideshow for what seemed to be a minute. The first thing I saw was Enzo, crouching right beside me. My initial instinct was to scream, but Enzo put his hand over my mouth muffling the sound. He took his hand off my mouth, and I whispered as loud as I could, “Why the hell were you right in my face like that you idiot!”

“Just checking if you’re okay. Your body is still recovering from the fight.”

I cast a sideways glance at him. “I still remember!” he said, tapping the side of his head, as if he were tapping his brain. “Anyways, I’ve been roaming around our spot, and a kilometre or so west there is a main road. I was watching it for a while and I saw a good amount of cars going through. Hopefully we can pick up a ride and get the hell out of here!”

I put my hands on the ground underneath myself and tried to push myself up, into a crouching position. I managed to go from crouching into a standing position, but a fell as soon as I tried to take a step. I felt warm hands catch me though, and Enzo helped me steady myself against a tree. “Do you want me to carry you?” he asked with a bright smile on his face. I nodded, knowing that I was going blushy. “Crouch down.” I ordered. “What?”

“I want you to give me a piggyback ride!” I said, embarrassed.

“Okay.” he said turning around. “Why do you want me to crouch?”

“Because…. I can’t reach, you idiot.”

He sighed and then crouched down, and I fell onto his back, and he helped me get into a comfortable position on his back. “Thank you.” I whispered. I laid my head on his shoulder, and he started walking towards the main road.

About thirty minutes later we stopped, and I lifted my head back again. I felt the chilly crisp air around my head. “Time’s up, princess.” I heard him say. I looked down the road and saw a truck tumbling down the road. It had a load of hay behind it. “Are we going to hop in the back of that truck?” I asked, sliding off of his back. “Never mind. Let’s just walk the thirty miles to the next town. Sound good?” he said with a cheeky smile. His face seemed to light up, and I felt a tingly feeling inside myself. I looked back to the truck and saw that it was approaching us quickly. I felt a hand grab mine, and as the truck passed we ghosted onto the truck. Anybody who was watching would have thought that we vanished into thin-air. We laid back, and let ourselves sink into the hay. As I floated to sleep, I glimpsed Enzo sitting up, his hands pressed onto his temple.

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