The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Special thanks to fantasynamegenerators as their name generators have come up with something for basically everything in this book. More info on fantasynamegenerators at the end of the chapter.
(Btw, this isn't a sponsorship, (i wish), I'm simply recommending a good name generator to anybody who is stuck on names for towns, like myself.

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



I floated to sleep on the cart long after I saw Lynne fall asleep. Ever since we got on the cart I started having a headache, and it just refused to let me go to sleep. A little bit later, I woke to someone caressing my hair, pulling it up out of my face. Then I felt it droop back down into my face. Then it would be dragged out of my face again. It repeated for a while, and I pretended to be asleep, as I found myself enjoying it.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked over to who was beside me. “Good morning, darling.” she Lynne with a smug smile. “Whaa--?” I yipped. “What’s with the smug smile. Also, what’s a dar-ling?”

She leaned closer to me, so close I could feel the warmth of her breathing. “You don’t know what a darling is?” she said, quietly. I leaned my head away. “No. Why are you even calling me this suddenly?”

“Because,” she said flipping her self over so she could sit next to me, “I want to. Do you have an issue with me calling you darling?” she smiled, closing her eyes. “Yeah! I do have a problem with it! Because I don’t know what it means!”

She just leaned against the hay again, her head tilted up at the sky. “What happened last night?” she whispered. The words hung mid-air, and I didn’t know what to say. I felt like someone, or something was calling me, but I didn’t know what it was. I just said, “I don’t know. It felt like someone was calling my name, and then once the paging stopped the voice stayed in my head. It bounced around and kept ringing throughout my head.”

She didn’t say anything for a while, so neither did I. I spared a couple looks at her, but made sure not to stare. She was looking out to the side of the road, and I did the same. “Did the voice say anything else?”

“Huh? Oh no. I don’t think so.” I said. I closed my eyes and tried to remember everything that happened through the night. Enzo… Enzo…


Find me

I opened my eyes. What in the world. I looked over at Lynne who was staring right at me. “Well! Anything?” she questioned. I nodded. “The voice said to, ‘find me’. Do you think you know what was calling me?”

“What did the voice sound like?”

“It sounded faint. Kinda frail. Like a wisp.” I recalled. “Hmm… it might have been this ‘Myst,’ you were talking about earlier. Or it might have been ‘Nightbane’ calling you.”


“Yeah. It’s a special scythe that was buried deep underground around 400 years ago. The stories of it have been spread down my family from generation to generation. The wielder used Nightbane to level cities and take hundreds of lives. They say that when they finally captured him his soul was sucked into the scythe. They didn’t dare to move the scythe without a special spell, so they got the king of the lands, at the current time, Blavier the Mighty to move it. He used his holy magic to lift the scythe and bury it in a cave underneath his castle.”

“So what castle is that?”

“It’s now underneath a small kingdom known as Foegi. The farthest northern kingdom in these lands.” she said. “I’ve heard that we can get there by a boat if we go up just a bit to the Carris River.”

I looked over the top of the truck and saw a small town in the distance. Lynne looked over too. “Looks like we’re going to have to get off soon. This idiot has been pretty ignorant to not have noticed us by now.”

“Yeah. By the way, what's your magical power looking like right now?” she asked. I could feel the shadows inside me, eager to do something. Anything. “It’s good. My shadows are super hyper.”

“We’ll have to give them something to do then. First stop, Helmfirth!”

“Is that the name of this town?”

“Yeah. It’s just a small farm town. This town supplies most of The True Order, believe it or not.”

“Should we level it? Then they would have to stop to get their farms back up again.” I said, explaining my thinking.

“If this was their biggest farm and we had enough time, sure. But this is one of the smaller farms, and since we were just at Bury making a big scene.”

“So, where do we go now?”

She stopped doing anything for a moment and closed her eyes, immersing herself in thought. “We should head on the north road out of town, and make our way to the river. It’s not too much of a trip, only a couple miles. If we don’t make it by nightfall, we’ll camp out in the woods to the side of the main road. We can get moving again at sunrise. Speaking of the town, we should get of now.”

I nodded and watched Lynne jump off the back of the truck, landing in a roll. I jumped after her, trying to mimic what she had done by rolling. I rolled a bit early though and I felt my back hit the ground. Hard. I groaned in pain and watched as Lynne walked over to help me up. “What in the hell was that?” she whispered helping me up. “I was trying to do what you were doing, duh!” I shot back. “You’re supposed to roll once your feet hit the ground. Not some front flip shit! Anyways, are you okay?”

“Yeah.” I brushed the dirt and dust off my pants and cloak. “Let’s get going.”

I looked up at the sky. “It’s probably about 2 right now.” said Lynne, who was also skygazing.

“We better move quickly then.”

“Yeah. We’ll ghost through the town so that nobody notices us.”



Author note: This chapter was made with a lot of help from the resource web page known as fantasynamegenerators. It’s a free to use webpage with over 1200 community made generators! These generators include anything from 20th century human names, to exceed names from Fairy Tail, or weapon names, or move names, or weapon abilities. It even has class names if you feel like writing a SAO style book (didn’t know how else to put it LOL). I’ve gotten all the names for towns and weapons, and even the Shadows from fantasynamegenerators. There is so many different generators, there’s one that will  definitely suit you or your book.

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