The Shadow Weaver

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



We ghosted through the city, grabbing some apples from the trees at the northern tip of the town. From there we headed north, to the Carris River boating company. I’ve heard rumours that they dealt in shady currency alongside the normal triton currency. And if they had heard of us before, we had enough money to buy silence. A person doesn’t need anything else besides triton to get what you want in the current world. A guy could buy themselves a temporary woman with just money. Some people even established a company and made money off of guys too scummy to try to get a girlfriend the normal way. Whores, is what the average population called them. At least most people had enough common sense to despise anybody in that line of ‘work’. The owners of the companies would annoying resolute to calling their woman, “employees.” I personally hated that line of work more than most people, as I had been offered to join them not once, but twice. The thing is, if you dismiss and reject someone once, they’ll just keep asking you. Humanity really is in a shit hole. “Hey Lynne?” I heard a voice say. I blinked once. Twice, snapping out of my trance. “You good?” Enzo said.

“Yeah… my mind just got off track.”

I suddenly became very aware of our surroundings. I had come down this road before coming south, and it looked really different than before. I closed my eyes and sent my shadows ten feet away from me. I just had them circle around me slowly as to dodge any magic being sent our way.

Sure enough, I watched as a small fireball flamed right into the barrier. I turned, Enzo covering my back. “That was a low level spell. Do you think it was a bluff?” He said over my shoulder. “No,” she said, keeping a straight face, “I think it was more a test.”

“Should we dive him?” he asked. I thought on it for a second. It was a gamble. If the fire-user had reinforcements, than definitely no. But if he didn’t, which was unlikely, we could dive him. “Nah, he’s probably got backup. I don’t think right now we’re in the best situation to fight them right now.”

He nodded, and we turned from a standing stance into a run, ghosting the first ten meters to get a head start. At least I went ten meters. I watched as Enzo went almost double the distance I went. He turned and looked back, behind me, immediately pulling his hands up. I could see a purple aura around his hands. I spared myself a quick glance behind to see a priest and some other church assistants lining up beside him in the middle of the road. “Demon! Be destroyed by our holy magic! You will not destroy us this time!” Then they fired immense, scorching fireballs at us. I felt someone push me off to the side, and I landed in a bush on the side of the road, out of harm's way. I looked at Enzo as he ran at the fireball. He pulled his blade out, and I saw the purple aura of the shadows immediately consume the blade. No, not consume it. Surround it. He started to run straight at the fireball that was quickly coming for him. All this had happened in a second and a half, the whole world flipping on its side and then going crazy. He ghosted one more time, this time through the fireball. I yelled his name, unable to see him anymore, as the giant burning sphere blocked my sightlines. I got up and ran deeper into the woods, keeping parallel to the road. At last I could see past the fireball, but Enzo wasn’t there.

I dragged my eyes from his would be landing spot to where the priests where.

There they stood, the priest having a dagger injected into his chest. I looked more closely at Enzo, who was still. I thought he was leaning against the priest as if he had passed out, but it didn’t seem to be the case. The aura was around his whole body now, a part of his face transformed and morphed into this purple matterless spot. It wasn’t matterless, but more or less de-formed. He stood there. And then he smiled. He never smiled at death, no matter how bad his growing up had been. He always felt pity on the souls which he had sent to either The Barren, or Hell. Bottom line; he never smiled during a homicide. I turned to one of the other assistants, who were too scared to react. He pulled his dagger out of the first victim and sloppily ripped out some of the man’s insides as well. He dashed over to his second victim, so fast he seemed to still be at the fallen priest. You could still see the purple aura hanging in the air behind himself. I gasped as he viciously tore apart the man, plunging his dagger into him, over and over. Even though the man was already dead, he still stabbed him. Again and again until he and the dead man were covered in blood. He turned his head up to the sky and I saw his eyes start to water uncontrollably. He cried and cried, looking up at the rapidly darkening sky. He eventually turned his head down and saluted to the man he still sat atop. He stood up, sticking both hands together with his fingertips pointing skywards. “I’m sorry.” were the words I could here as I slowly approached him. I decided to stay a meter or so away. He turned his head to me slowly, asking, “What should I do Lynne?” between sobs.

I didn’t know what to say. “What should I do!”

He yelled that time. Then he dropped his voice again, back to the normal, slightly shy voice of Enzo Savege. He whispered, in that adorable voice that I had come to love. To cherish. He whispered, “Should I die?” He looked at me, the most hopeless face on. A face of absolute despair. Not the face of Enzo Savege, but the face of a fallen shadow. The face of Ryodae, the old master of the Shadows. He was the original controller of shadows, but I only learned about him through the tales told to me by Tullius. He had told me that Ryodae had once been a legend among the elemental gods. He was a greater being, and the Shadow was a cherished, worshipped power. But little did he know that that power was slowly corrupting him, and taking over his body. He would stop coming out of his room to talk to anything or anyone for fear that he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

I looked back over again at Enzo. Most of the area around his left eye was gone, or at least mutated. It was scarring over, much like a normal wound would, however, the scab was a gray. His left eye turned from the blue that I knew to a dark red colour. The eye stood out a lot against the blue of his other eye, and his light skin. However, his hair floated down his face over the scar. It covered the gray of his face and most of his left eye. I forged my face into a grim smile. I glanced around us, to see if there was anybody else there. I focused my eyes on Enzo’s hopeless, dead face. He was looking at the ground now, tears dripping from his eyes. I pity him.

I looked down and realized that there was a puddle underneath myself as well. I knelt down and hugged Enzo, trying to comfort him. He tugged at my shirt and buried his face into my shoulder. Eventually I persuaded Enzo to get up and walk over to the forest so we could set up a camp off the road. Enzo curled up on the soft grass a couple minutes, immune to the crisp evening breeze.

However, I stayed up for a little while, climbing up a nearby tree to look around our surroundings. In the distance, I could see the bright moon shining through the trees at Enzo, the light growing darker when it came near him. I hopped down the tree and realized that he was shivering. I felt drowsy, and the air was getting chilly. I curled up beside Enzo, using both of our body heat to warm ourselves.

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