The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Today will probably be the last chapter for two weeks as I am going for a trip to LA on Tuesday. You *can* be ready for one though, as almost everywhere I'm staying at has wifi, along with the
Grayhound bus I'll be taking. Hope you enjoy the longer chapter!

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



I sat up the next morning, after the slaughter of the two priests. I still felt crappy, and the crisp morning air didn’t help either. We weren’t able to set up a fire that night fearing that the remaining priest assistant might have brought reinforcements from town. I slowly opened my eyes the next morning feeling a strange warmth. We didn’t have a fire, or any camp set up? I looked over my shoulder, and saw that Lynne was curled up right behind me. I felt my face warm up and I sat up straight, slowly backing away. I was also trying to not wake her up. I looked at her face, and thought that it looked really cute. I mentally scolded myself for starting to like my teammate. She’s not interested in any romantic relationship right now. I told myself. She probably wouldn’t even want to get in a relationship with me.

I looked closer and saw that she was starting to shiver. I sighed, and told myself that it wasn’t like I thought it was. I crawled back over to where I was and snuggled up next to her trying to share our body heat to keep her warm.

She almost immediately stopped shivering, and I felt the air around us start to warm up. I looked around and realized that there was a fog setting in. I looked at Lynne and slowly shook her awake. I was shaking her shoulder when I suddenly felt her tug on my arm. We rolled to the side, and somehow I ended up on top of her. She then woke up, or more-or-less opened her eyes. She looked at me and then down at herself. “I didn’t know you were such a pervert, Enzo!” she said, glaring at me.

“Wha-- You’re the one who pulled me on top!” I yelled back. “Did not.” looking straight into my soul. “Yeah! You did. You grabbed my arm and then pulled me!”

All of a sudden I felt her hands grab the back of my neck and pull. Her soft, warm lips met mine and I gave in, kissing her back. She pulled back and I could feel the warmth of her breath. She hugged me tightly, so my head rested on her shoulder. “I sense five. Grouped together at seven o’clock. I started to turn my head but felt Lynne’s hands still my head. “Don’t. Just, think.”

So I thought. I made a mental map of what way we were facing, and concluded that they were about 3 meters of the main road, in the direction of the town. I rolled off her, immediately feeling the effects of the fog. It chilled me to the bone, and I could barely see into the treeline. I stood up slowly, trying to act casual. I helped Lynne up, off the ground and we started to walk towards the main road. If the fog was working how I thought, they would barely see us as well. Even if they could see our figures, going into the treeline heading back onto the road we could wait and ambush them as they chased our non-existent selves. “Which way did they go!” I could hear somebody say as they passed underneath us. We were hidden in a large tree, and were planning to pounce on one of the targets. Lynne had warned me that she could sense their magic, but she wasn’t sure how strong it was, and to be careful. I could now see her a tree down from me, closer to the road. I was going to jump down on the last guy, while Lynne got whoever was underneath her.

I waited until the guy at the back was just a bit forward from underneath my spot, and then I decided it was time to strike. I sent a quick prayer to whatever gods were watching over the, and jumped on my first victim. I cringed as my dagger quickly sunk into his flesh, and I glanced over to see that Lynne had done the same thing. I dragged my gaze from her to the other three reinforcements. Their armor shone the same colour as the True Order guild. No, I thought. I saw the one closest to me turn. He lifted his hands, and a small aura of green surrounded them. Almost immediately a boulder the size of my head sot out, hitting me in the chest. I tumbled backwards, bonking my head on the tree I was perched in earlier. I looked up slowly to see two guys fighting Lynne, one using fire and the other using lightning magic. The other man who was fighting me turned away, thinking I was defeated. I felt something in my mouth, so I slid my head over, spitting out whatever was in there.

I saw blood on the ground and quickly realized that it had come from myself. I spat out the rest of it and slowly stood up, leaning against the tree for support. I felt a slight tingling inside myself, and suddenly my world went dark.

I awoke in a strange, dark place, unfamiliar to myself. I then saw something fuzzy. Where… am I? I wondered. And then more of the fuzzy creatures came out of the darkness. I remember you. I said. They nodded their heads. They lined up in front of me, and I remembered their names, one by one. Torne, Ethe. I whispered out-loud, more or less sensing the shadows over recognizing them. Most of them looked the same as each other.

“I am destined to be with you.”

I quickly turned around to see another shadow, but he had a more… human look. It was a small human, if I was trying to describe it. However, he looked like the rest. He was a shadow, and a small part of me was telling myself that I knew who he was. Myst? I guessed. “Yes. I have come to you before, and it seems you still remember--”

“Do you know about the markings on my face!” I said, cutting him off. He made a gesture with his hands, saying, “Calm down. I do know about The Marking. In fact, I’m the one who gave it to you.”

“You damned! Why did you give me a marking on my face of all places!” I seethed. I wanted to punch him in the face. I got close enough to do so, but I wasn’t able to. “The marking is only for those who are chosen by us, the grand spirits. We are the leaders of the original elemental users. I am Myst, leader of the Shadow. Have you noticed the mark on your left eye yet?” he asked. My hand instinctively shot up to my left eye. I nodded and felt a lump grow in my throat. “That, is the mark of the shadow. We give our mark to whoever is the best user of our element, from generation to generation. However, I have been wandering for a very long time. You see, there hasn’t been a Shadow user for a long time, as they have been killed before I could get to them.”

They were…. Killed? I wondered. “Then why didn’t you take Lynne! She is a perfectly fine Shadow user! Why me?” I asked. “Actually, I was considering it before. And then I learned you were destined to awake your Shadows. Lynne might have had one of the best people to teach her how to harness us, but you can’t have as much skill as you through straight learning. So I waited. I waited until the unfortunate accident happened, and then waited until you escaped from jail with Lynne. I didn’t know what to do next, and I didn’t know what would happen to you. So, I went to where I last saw you, and I followed you. I watched you battle the thugs in the alley with such ease that I knew you were the one for me to inhabit.”

I thought back to when we fought off the thugs. “Why do you look different now then when I saw you before?” I asked.

He sighed. “This is the advanced form of a sprite over many, many years. Of course, I would be much more formed, but after not having a owner for almost a century has really worn on myself. So now I look like this. And the thing I sent to you that day was a smaller sprite. Some owners are stupid enough to release their sprites, which would cause havoc in the current world. But, if there is a master sprite, such as myself, they can latch onto myself, as if I was their master. That alone has drained a lot of my energy. But I managed to send a... smaller clone, if you will.” He said with a smile.

“Okay… so, what’s going on outside right now!” I yelled back. “I need to help Lynne. She’s gonna die if I don’t get to her in time.”

“Don’t worry. I have stopped time outside, and right now your body is healing.” Stopped time! I thought to myself. “Actually, you are right to wondering how I do that. In fact, I’m not stopping time. Simply slowing it down to the point where it looks like its stopped.”

So this is the power of the Sprites. Then my world suddenly went black.

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