The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

really really sorry for the late chapter! Between the trip and having to catch up on all the school stuff, I haven't really had the chance to write. I have a longer ish chapter, but its the longest
one in the book yet (6 pages). So, yeah, hope you like it! Again, I'll clarify more stuff between this chapter and chapter 20 or so.

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



I watched as Enzo was shot into the tree by one of the soldiers.  I had to worry about myself though. I led the two soldiers that were tailing me farther into the fog, hoping I could at least lose the one that was fighting Enzo. I ran between a large, tall tree to my right, and then quickly dashed to the left, then I weaved through a couple trees, creating a shield that was good enough to block any magic coming straight at me.

I wove through the last tree planned when I heard the crack! of a tree trunk cracking. I dared a glance back at my attackers, and saw a bolt of lightning arcing in between the hands of one of them. I then noticed the fire spreading around the tree at a unnatural speed, quickly consuming it and spitting back out ash.

I held my breath, jumping behind a tree. I peeked around the corner to them split up and slowly circling to where I was. I closed my eyes, gained my courage, and then jumped up the tree as fast I’ve ever climbed a tree before. With the adrenaline that I had gained from the attack, it seemed like I was climbing up a ladder. I felt foot slip as I poked my head over a high enough branch for me to be at least considered decently hidden. I fell, my head passing the second highest branch I could reach, and then kept falling. I stuck my hands out to the sides, and I felt a branch. I grasped out to catch it. My hand wrapped around the branch, and I quickly realized that my fingertips were touching the palm of my hand. I glanced up in horror, watching as the branch I was clinging to broke off the trunk and I fell the rest of the way down the tree, bonking my head and appendages a couple times on the way down. I landed on the ground on both my feet, but a shocking pain went up my leg on impact. My foot turned the wrong way, and I looked down to see I was standing on a tree stump. I felt my foot aching and had no choice but to sit with my back against the tree, defeated. Is this the end? I wondered. I hope Enzo got away. I saw my two attackers stand in front of me, and I sat helplessly as they grabbed my arms roughly. One of them stood me up while the other pulled out a magic binding cuff’ which he placed on my arms.

He dragged two links out of the the chains, and he handed his partner one of them. One of them moved in front of me, his deep golden armour dimly shining. The other soldier moved behind me, and from how they did the whole process so smoothly, it looked like he had many, many years of experience. I wondered how many people have been bound in these chains. I looked over to the side, over the shoulder of the front walker, and I saw the third soldier walking toward us, Enzo being dragged on the ground behind him. No… said my mind. I was in complete denial of the situation, that we, the last Shadow Weavers were captured. We were going to be dragged back to those disgusting cells, those that surrounded me endlessly. They called to me, yelling what a disgrace I was into my ears. I felt a headache growing in my head, and I had to pinch my tongue to try to take the focus off my headache. I was looking at Enzo when I noticed his eyes shot open. In the position he was in currently, I could see his eye and mutated face. I tried my hardest to not cringe at the sight. He wiggled a little bit, and I noticed that the mark on his face was growing. Soon it had taken over his other eye, and his whole face turned back to a flesh like colour, and it was un-noticeable except for the change of the eye colour. I heard a crack! and realized that the shackles around his hands and feet had been broken, and now there was a purple aura spreading, as thick as a fog. The soldiers must have noticed it too, and they started to back away, preparing to fire their elements at Enzo. He slowly stood up, the purple aura around him suddenly clearing. I looked around. There were no things around, and I didn’t sense any trace of anyone around. I focused my attention on Enzo again, and suddenly felt myself fall as I was dropped by the man holding me. I quickly scrambled up to my feet, running towards a tree for leverage. I looked at Enzo again and saw his aura forming above his head. It formed a face that represented Ryodae, the master of demons. The eyes are the same! I noticed they had the same design on their eyes, a small black swirl looking thing. It looked like a swirly ball with two curved sticks poking out on either side, kind of like a musical rest on a piece of sheet music that was used around forty years ago, before the… epidemic.


I rose to my feet, feeling the pure power inside of myself. I could see a dark purple mist spreading around me, and then I saw the enemies in front of me. One of them held Lynne, slumped over their shoulder. I turned my gaze to him, reaching to grab my dagger. I pulled out of the sheath to learn that it was now a short sword, and it had a special symbol on the end of it. The blade caught the light and reflected back to my face, and I could see my eye. The blade’s symbol was on my eye. I looked back up at my foes, and then noticed that the fog was quickly disappearing, being sucked towards me and my blade. The purple fog swirled into the symbol, seeming to be sucked in. The dark symbol shined a bright purple, and then dimmed again after sucking up all the fog around. It wasn’t completely dark, but instead a dim purple.

I looked up at the enemy once more, getting ready to kill them. Instead I saw three different flashes, followed by a ball of flame, spear of ice, and a sharp pointed boulder. I’m gonna die!


I watched as the three soldiers shot fully loaded elements at Enzo, and there was now a channel of smoke where he was standing. I looked down at the ground, feeling a tear fall down my cheek. The one person I could stand to be with. I realized. He was the one person that I liked the most, even more than my father. He had always believed in me, and I had grown to like him, as more than a friend. But now he’s dead. I thought solemnly, lost in thought.


A large funnel of smoke surrounded me as I re-opened my eyes, and I realized I wasn’t dead. Then I noticed the thin purple bubble around me. Was it a shield? Who placed it on me. I did.

I turned, looking to see who said that. You won’t find anyone there. It’s me Myst. I’m inside your weapon now, so I can talk to you through your head. Don’t worry about this fight. Think of it as a walk-through. I’ll do most of the work, so just follow my instructions. I readied myself, waiting for the smoke to clear.

Walk forward through the smoke, lunging at them as you exit. Try to take out the guy on the right side. The ice user. I remembered, from the onslaught I had received from the small group. I did as I was told, dashing out of the smoke. I moved quicker than I remembered, arriving in front of the soldier in what seemed to be under a second. I plunged the blade into his body, feeling the flesh give in easily, making it obvious that this blade was much higher quality than the old crude knife I had been using. I pulled the blade out of his gut, feeling no resistance. I looked over to the side, and saw a barrage of fire missiles and stones the size of my fist flying at me.

Suddenly, they started to slow down, and I walked past the projectiles, taking the time to cut each one in half, destroying the fire missiles by hitting the core at the center, and taking down the rocks by cutting them in half. I stopped after I destroyed the last projectile, looking down at the fire user. Who was backing up to beside the earth user. I flicked my blade in front of me, getting ready to stab the earth user. I prepared to stab him in the thigh, as payback for the small boulder he shot at me earlier.

Time started back again and I immediately took action and stabbed the soldier, and he responded with a scream of pain, so loud it pained my ears a bit. I looked over at the fire guy, pushing the earth user down to the ground. He rolled around in pain, and I drew my attention from him and focused instead on the fire user.

He turned and ran into the forest, using the explosions emitted from his hands to blast him forward. However, I found it quite easy to catch up to him, with speed being one of the new powers that I had been granted by Myst.

We soon ran into a clearing past the village, and he stopped and turned. I realized that I had ran straight into an encampment. Over twenty soldiers were no rising from their chairs and running out of their tents, straight at me.



Say it!


Suddenly I saw a myself disappear, sucked into another place. It was mostly blank, only filled with tall white pillars. I peeked over the edge of the pillar I was standing on to see nothing but a barren empty void. I backed away from the edge and looked around.

I suddenly felt a tug at my heart, and I let out a yelp! in response. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by the same creatures that appeared to me when I talked to my Shadows.

I tore my gaze away from them, and turned to see Myst standing there.

“So, what do I do now?” I asked.

“Well, we’re in a separate dimension right now. This is a place to cultivate yourself safely, or a place to hide. You can also suck people into this place with your Masut?ai, and you’ll have the advantage fighting them. Not only does this place let you safely go all out. It also helps strengthen your shadows. That’s why your shadows can manifest here.”

I glanced back at them, seeing them standing in a straight line, like soldiers in an army. I scratched the back of my head, wondering what to do. “So, how do I get out of this place?” I asked.

You will yourself. Think of where you want to go, and picture it in your mind. If you ever want to come here, either utter the word I told you earlier, or picture dragging yourself and anybody else here. The word will be more effective early on, but as you get better at it, picturing will become more strategic and have the higher chance of working. If you are to utter the word and want to bring someone into the void, you must be near them and suck them in with yourself. Within touching reach or closer, and you’ll be able to drag them.

I started to picture the huts outside of the void, and felt a swirling feeling inside my mind. When I opened my eyes, I was falling, from high above the clouds. I tightened my form, so that I was dive-bombing. I soon saw 5 black specs, which quickly turned into small humans. I spread my arms out, hoping to aid my fall, but then they snapped back to my side. Listen to me, arms!
I saw some people on the other side of the camp call me out, and saw a small boulder fly past my falling body. Dammit!

I’m gonna die!

Suddenly, a tingling feeling started from my left hand, and I saw a purple shield form around myself.

I crouched behind a bush on the edge of the clearing, trying to spot Enzo. There still seemed to be chaos in the camp, but nobody was attacking anyone.

Suddenly, I saw something falling out of the sky. What is that!?

It looked like a human boy. But there’s something different about him.


The person smashed into the ground, landing on top of a group of soldiers, most likely killing them. I gasped as I saw multiple elements quickly fire at the fallen human, and I knew he was dead. Then I saw something raise out of the crater that was made by the impact. No way…
I stood up, putting my hand to my head, trying to straighten out my rattled brain. What an impact. I thought. I took a step out of the self-made crater. As the smoke cleared I could see what seemed to be 50 soldiers form a circle around me. One of them yelled. “He isn’t human! We can kill him! Fire at will!”

I braced myself for the fire coming at me, spying a pair of eyes hidden in the forest line. Then I saw another person behind her. I dashed, as fast as my legs would let me, cutting my way through the line. I continued the sprint, watching as the person wrapped their hand around Lynne’s neck. I dashed even faster. Faster! Faster, dammit! I got within a couple meters when I saw the dagger fall closer and closer to her chest. I opened my eye, thinking of the Void, and teleporting the attacker there. I felt a swirling feeling in my chest and closed my eyes, letting myself teleport to the Void. I felt my feet hit solid ground, and gasped, collapsing on the ground. I felt a liquid on my face, and wiped it away with the sleeve of my jacket. I looked at it, seeing a dark, blood red. My eyes. Are bleeding?

I wiped away at my face, more at more, trying to stop the bleeding. I was crying blood. I looked up and saw the man who was attacking Lynne. “You’re the one who did this to me,”
I slowly rose to my feet, feeling the fear in his heart. I felt it and I embraced it. I felt it and I harnessed it. I felt it and enjoyed it.

© Copyright 2020 danielSmith. All rights reserved.


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