The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Hope you enjoy the long awaited 17th Chapter xD

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: November 27, 2018

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Submitted: November 27, 2018



I walked over to the person who had attacked Lynne before. I bent over to him and watched as he tried to crawl away. “So, I see you still remember what I can do,” I smiled. “Now then. Let’s have a little game. I’ll bring you out of this place,” I said, gesturing to the Void with my arm. “And you tell your little friends to go back.”

I refuse! I’ll never run away from the likes of you! You demon! You can go to fucking hell for all I ca--”

I cut him off, dashing past him, running blade across his neck. “You-- You monste--”

Shut the hell up already!” I said, stabbing his heart, and pulled the blade out. He tried to move his arm up, as in to shoot me, but I cut his arm off instead. “You should have stayed in whatever hellhole you were raised in.” I said, teleporting myself back to the human world.

When I arrived in Oatis, I was in the air. Again. I spread my arms out this time though, and angled myself towards the tree line. I crashed into a tree, and found myself bouncing around between branches.

I finally hit the hard, cold ground, and got up to my knees. I dashed over to a tree, and then dashed to another. I kept going from tree to tree until I was around the clearing, on the back side of the camps. I quickly ran from the treeline to the closest tent, about 5 metres away. I looked over as i was running and saw what seemed to be half the camp in the forest, looking for me.

I sneaked into one of the tents and found one person sitting at a table, eating a meal. I bowed my head slightly, and then proceeded to assassinate him.

I looked at his meal, instantly feeling hungry. It looked familiar to me. It looked… like home. It was a fried rice, like what we had years ago. It was originally populated on Earth, but most of the population had to be shipped off to a different universe after our sun had a solar flare. We had a one-thousand year warning, and we were near the edge of the universe by the time it flared. We had to get everyone into space and perfect the ships, along with cloning them.

I pulled the man into the forest and stripped down, and then put on his clothes. I hid my clothes near a really tall tree, and walked back around the forest, into the treeline.

Where is she? I wondered, trying to sense her. She must have a shield up. She had taught me that skill in the first month I had been adventuring with her. Even though it was hard for normal elements to sense us, we didn’t want to take any chance. Especially since I had an overflowing amount of essence, what fuels our abilities.

I brushed past a bush, snapping a twig under my foot. I hid behind a tree, hoping to not draw attention, and crouched down. I peeked around the trunk to see if anyone had seen me. It would look weird if I had come out of nowhere.

I watched as multiple people in the group walked underneath me, obviously looking for me and Enzo. Where is he now? He had been missing for quite some time now, after his crash in the field, and him saving me from my assaultant. I spotted someone walking in the forest, far from the group. I almost mistook the soldier for Enzo, thinking that the familiar looking frame was his. “Maybe she’s up in the trees?” I heard someone yell.

“Group A, B, and D, check the trees. Everyone else keep looking at ground level! They can’t hide forever!”

I looked back to check if the man walking away from everyone was in one of those groups. He wasn’t there. “Huh?”

Where did he go?
I heard a yell, and saw someone fall out of a tree. I watched as he landed, and didn’t move. Unconscious? I thought. Or did someone hit him over the head with a rock and kill him? I almost laughed at myself. I scanned around the trunks around me to see if I saw someone climbing a tree near me. If that happened I would have to move. Quick. I heard a rustling sound behind me, and I tried to jump to another tree. Before I knew it, hands grabbed me and I was dragged back into the person. He covered my mouth before I could yell. I turned my head to find him Enzo. He had ragged hair now, and he wore a soldier’s uniform. As I clung onto him, I felt a wet clothless spot, which covered my fingers in red. “Get me out of here.” I ordered. “I’m working on it.” he replied, his eyes scanning. Whatever he could see was beyond my vision, and it seemed he was looking at something far beyond my knowledge. I saw a tear appear at the corner of his eye, and asked, “What happened to you?”

He looked down at me and smiled. “Myst, the Shadow I told you about? He granted me these powers, and now I can travel to a whole different dimension or something, like something in one of those fairy tales.” Even though he said it with such enthusiasm, like a kid opening a present, he seemed sad, and hurt. “Is that it?”

“Will you ever stop asking --”

“Answer the question, Enzo.” I said sternly.

He sucked in a breath, and slowly said, “I feel like I could…. Destroy something. Like I have this pent up rage inside myself. Like I have someone else’s feelings. Someone else’s rage.” He looked at me again, and I noticed that his hair sifted to reveal his eye, however it didn’t have a scar around it this time. It was like a normal eye, except his pupil looked different. It looked milky and soulless and dead. He muttered something to himself, getting ready to jump down to the ground. “Get on my back. Now.”

I did as he said, and clambered onto his back, piggy-back style. He jumped down from the tree, and I had to stop the urge to yell. I closed my eyes as we were about to hit the ground, suddenly aware of seeing multiple soldiers seeing a pair of people falling out of a tree. However we never hit the ground. We never heard anyone yell, and as I opened my eyes, I realized there was nobody else here, except for Enzo and myself.

I suddenly felt Enzo double over, which jolted me to the side. I hit the ground softly, but hopped over to Enzo’s side instantly. He coughed out blood, again and again. He then slumped to his side after his coughing, and closed his eyes. “Hey! Enzo!” I said, voice raspy. I pulled his unconscious body upright, leaning it against myself. I placed my hand on his chest to make sure his heart was still beating, which it thankfully was.

As I breathed a sigh of relief I realized how close his breath was. It tickled my neck, and I had to fight wrapping my arms around him to pull him even closer. I decided to let him lay down instead, and I slowly lowered his body to the ground, peeling of my jacket to use as a pillow. After sitting for a while, unsure of what to do, I wanted to curl up next to Enzo, and so I did.


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