The Shadow Weaver

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: December 04, 2018

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Submitted: December 04, 2018



I woke to Enzo shaking my head, rousing me from my dreamless sleep. I looked up at his face, which thankfully had colour once more. His eyes were the same colour as before and they were gazing at me in a way that sent a shiver through my body. “What’s up?” I asked, standing and trying my best to smooth out my pants. He chucked the sweater, my sweater, at me, which I wrapped myself in.

“Well, currently we are inside of separate dimension, and since time is faster in this realm, if we jump out right now we would be in the middle of a horde of the king’s minions. Or we could sit here for a while, and try to wait for them to settle down.” I was about to agree to that plan, but I was cut off, “However, we would have to wait in here for about another day and a half. We would effectively be bored to death.”

I looked into his eyes, and found a challenge. A challenge like someone who wanted to thrive for something. A thrive for a fight. He looked eager to wreak havoc and it surprised me. “Are your sprites okay?” I asked. He nodded. “Let’s go then. I say we fight.”

Almost instantly I felt a spinning feeling and found myself in the air, below the clouds, but still high enough that the soldiers looked like little kids.  Kage no shoji. I found myself, my spirit flying towards the first soldier I had seen. I closed my eyes momentarily, and found myself looking through his eyes. I looked up at Enzo and saw my lifeless body flying towards the ground beside him. Looking beside myself I could see some archers trying to line up a shot. I grabbed the sword the soldier had a ran towards the group of archers, slashing my blade at their heads. I caught a couple of the archers off guard and sliced at their heads, killing them almost instantly. As I saw one of the other archers look over and aim his bow, I ushered the spell again, returning my spirit to my body. As I opened my eyes I found myself in Enzo’s arms, and we slowed down as we neared the ground. I turned my head ever so slightly to see the soldier I had used crumple over, an arrow in his chest. I saw the fallen soldiers that lay behind him. The soldiers I had killed. Even though I had killed many people in my journeys, I was still not happy with death, and tried to avoid it. When I could.

I felt a jostle as we hit the ground, and a vibration was sent through Enzo, rattling my skull, but otherwise I was fine. I hopped out of his arms as fast as I could, dashing over to the closest person to me, stabbing him through his back and using his lifeless body as a meat shield. As I thought they held their fire. I chucked the body in the air, running around it. I shot my shadows at their bodies, watching as they silently slid into their bodies, where their hearts lie. They left no cut and no trace, except for a small purple area where the shadows entered. I dodged a couple arrows, and ran towards the front line. In retaliation they ran at me as well. I pulled out my dagger and shoved it through a man’s heart. As I was pulling my dagger out of his limp body, I heard someone yelling. I turned my head to see a sword coming down at my head

I closed my eyes, but didn’t feel the blade. I slowly opened them and saw that Enzo was standing in front of me, his dagger held up to the longsword. I watched as his fist became shrouded in a purple aura. He punched the attacker in the gut, sending him flying into his allies. I backed up to Enzo and we were back to back. As I scanned the battlefield, I saw no more archers. Did he kill them? I wondered.

All the warriors ran at us, yelling as loud as they could. I took control of one of their bodies, using them to slash someone’s neck out and to stab someone in the gut. I quickly returned to my own body. As I returned, I doubled over and started coughing .I put a hand up to my mouth, finding it filled with blood. I had the same swirly feeling in my body and soon found myself in the alternate dimension again. Keep yourself safe. Stay in here for now.

I figured Enzo was talking to me somehow, but I kept my wits and didn’t question it. He was right I had outdone myself, and needed more rest. Possessing two people in such a short time takes a lot of mental energy, and controlling the Shadows did as well. I curled myself into a ball, finding myself a bit cold.


She’s safe for now. I thought. One less thing to worry about. I cared for Lynne, and I didn’t want her getting hurt in the crossfire. Last stand Myst!

Almost immediately I felt my strength heighten, my senses becoming more acute. I ran at the warriors, jumping at the last second. I flew over them, shooting shadows in a spray underneath myself. I grabbed someone with another Shadow, pulling them to me as I landed.

I blacked out suddenly, and could see almost instantly again. My vision had become more red. A crimson red. The colour of blood. I looked down to find a heart in my hands. I looked over at the man and saw a gaping hole in his chest. I dropped the heart, and lost control of my own body. My body dashed at the group of soldiers, grabbing my dagger, and started unleashing havoc among the soldiers. He moved with inhuman speed, speed no human could comprehend. He stabbed and slashed, a hail of blades. He dodged anything lucky enough to fall in its path, and killed the owner of the blade without batting an eye. I closed my eyes, shutting out the bloodlust. I closed my eyes rejecting the killing. I closed my eyes, rejecting the demon inside me. I once again had fear. I felt the same fear I hadn’t felt in years. The fear that came and killed my family. I cried out, looking for an edge, a hand. Anything to hold onto. But there was nothing. I drowned in my fear, the fear I had ignored for the last ten years of my life.

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