The Shadow Weaver

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One of my favorite recent chapters! Not much action, but still a good chapter :)

Chapter 19 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: December 11, 2018

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Submitted: December 11, 2018



I woke inside the alternate dimension, a small bit of drool had slipped from my mouth. I quickly wiped my mouth, however unnecessary it was. I looked up, expecting Enzo to be standing over me, but he wasn’t there. I looked around and saw that the platform I was sitting on was the only platform. Huh? What happened? I looked down and saw that my platform was crumbling at the end. I could also see some small, wispy shapes at the edges. “Hello?” I asked, seeing if they would turn, look. Anything. They turned and started drifting towards me. As they got closer, I realized they were wispy people. Or creatures. Animals? I felt stronger as they moved closer to me, and they started being sucked towards me. I also saw that the platform I was sitting on was starting to crumble. I looked around, desperate for a way to not fall into that… abyss. I watched hopeful that it would stop, but it didn’t. Eventually I could barely stand with both feet down. Apparently it wasn’t going to crack any further, but it meant I would have to stay very, very still.


I sat up, exhausted. A bone in my arm was jutting out of place, broken. I looked around me and saw rows and rows of defeated warriors, blood gushing out from most of their bodies. The grass was dyed a crimson red, the colour of blood. I doubled over, coughing out blood. I wiped my mouth with my other arm, feeling the tenderness in the flesh on contact. I tried standing, but I found myself falling back into the blood-soiled dirt. I tried again, having to use one arm to force myself onto a my knees. As I was attempting to get up again, I felt a swirling feeling inside of myself, the same as when I teleported myself to the alternate dimension.

A moment later I found myself on the floor of the dimension, a small amount of space around myself. My body was lying on the cold floor, but I couldn’t get back up. I had to observe the space with my eyes alone. I saw that most of the dimension floor had disappeared, that the only space where the floor was solid was where I was lying. I heard a feminine voice and tried to turn my head in the direction, but I was unable to do so. I felt a hand wrap around my head, lifting it off the ground. Those same hands slowly turned me over so I was looking up, at the sky. The voice said a couple words, but I was unable to understand what was said. Her eyes went blurry and I saw some small drops of water fall from them. They landed on my cheek, tracing a cold line in me as they dripped down. Each tear felt like a stab through the chest. I didn’t want to see her like this. I wasn’t going to watch her like this. I pushed up with my good arm, forcing my body forward. It barely responded, making it as hard as possible for me to get up. I kept fighting the losing fight. My body wasn’t ready for it yet. I started feeling tears well up in my eyes as well. My vision became blurry, and I soon felt lines being traced down my cheek. I pushed one more time, welling up as much power as could. I was so close. So close to her tear filled face. So close to help.

But I realized I was falling. I was falling again, fast and hard. I reached out, desperate for a touch. A touch of her, a touch of paradise. I wrapped my hand around her head, pulling her down with me. I hit the cold hard floor, a small burst of pain in my back. However, all the pain I felt slowly disappeared. The only one that could be near me was beside me. The only one that can support me was here. The only one that could save me was touching me. And she was doing so. I could feel her strength intertwining into my body, healing me with an unknown power. A power I hadn’t felt in so long. The power of love. I wrapped my other arm around her, the pain unknown to me. I tried to comfort her. I tried to remember the feeling I had felt so freely a decade ago, however it didn’t come freely. I didn’t have the skills or the freedom to roam her, to comfort her. To comfort the shared pain. But for once I had no fear. No monsters inside of me. Nothing to fight. But I also gained something. It would be the hardest thing to do, but I vowed that I would do it. I had gained something to protect, and I would protect it with all my heart. I would fight for it with all my strength. I would protect it with all my soul. I’ll protect her. I’ll protect her. The only thoughts that ran through my head. The only thoughts I wanted to hear in my head. I let out a sigh as I stretched out my arm, the pain gone. I looked down at Lynne, placing a kiss on her lips.

The slightest kiss, just a soft brush on her lips. I pulled away, but she wrapped her hand around my head and pulled me in for another kiss. She kissed me full force, reaching deep inside of my life essence. I bent in unreluctantly, kissing her again and again. I brushed her hair out of her face, looping it around her ear. “Thank you.” I whispered, opening my eyes wide, a new feeling inside of them. A new awareness. And as I felt the swirl inside of myself again, I grabbed Lynne and pulled her close. “Whatever happens from now on,” I looked down at her. “I will protect you.” I smiled.

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