The Shadow Weaver

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Lynne Arkwright

Submitted: March 28, 2018

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Submitted: March 28, 2018



As I walked up to the platform, I could feel the eyes of everyone digging into the back of my head. The prison master looked at me confused and enraged. "In'ei mahi," I whispered silent to everyone but myself and my shadow friends. My only friends...

The commander stood in place, frozen still by my paralysis spell. I picked the match up from my shadow friend, and crushed it. Then, I looked at the boy. I was right. This is the boy, 

A couple of days ago, I was wandering around the city and I felt a faint pull coming from the center of the city. I walked around the city trying to find where the pull was coming from, but latey the pull had been getting fainter and fainter. 

But, as I saw the execution I immediatly knew that was the boy. He had the silver hair that marks all shadow weavers. Not white or gray. Not normal silver. It was like quicksilver. And then I walked up, took the boy and walked away. 

"Do you have a weapon of some sort!?" the boy asked me. I looked at him and said, "My Shadows are all I need."

Then I turned and faced the oncoming horde of The True Order. They were scrambled, trying to go through the crowds with their un-balanced swords. A couple swords hit the civilians. The first to break out of the crowd ran after me, one right behind him. "Shadoum?ji" The first one stopped, frozen in place as the soldier behind him ran into him, cutting a deep gash in his arm. 

The next wave of True Order ran at me. I could see the killing intent in their eyes. "Kage no shoji,

The soldier at the front stopped and turned to the soldier behind him I drove his blade into that soldier. Then moved on, running full force at the next guy. He blocked the first attack, turning to face my second attack. “Fast,” I said, and then I stabbed him in the heart. “But not fast enough.” His eyes bulged and blood spurted out of his mouth, splashing on the armour of the soldier I was possessing. Then five other soldiers circled me. They darted in and out, slashing at me. I pulled back out of my spell to find myself beside the boy, him holding me up.

I looked at him and nodded my thanks. He backed up and grabbed a pole off the ground. “It’s better than nothing!” he said with a smirk. I guess he’s right. “Stay back!” I warned as I jumped into the fray.

The soldier that I had been controlling was stabbed to death, his comrades still believing he was the killer that I made him into. Now they turned on me. They were enraged, and needed something to take it out on. Obviously that was going to be me. I walked closer, and one snapped. He ran at me trying to slash down at me. I dodged and had one of my shadows impale him. He crumpled down to the ground. His hand at his heart, where my shadow impaled him. Then the rest of them attacked. One went to the left while one went to the right. The other two ran straight at me. The one on the left circled around to behind me, while one of the guys running down the middle split off to the left.

Now I was surrounded. I looked back at the boy, and saw the concern on his face. Not for himself. For me. I ran away from him, to the right. The man on the right side charged at me and chucked a couple of shards of glass at me. They scraped through my cloak and one dug into my chest. I pulled out it out quickly and dodged the oncoming sword. I kneed him in the gut, and ran even farther, hoping to get these men away from the boy. Hopefully he runs. Normally I would be able to take on these guys, but I was injured and out of energy from trying to locate the boy and holding possession through it.

 I backed up slowly and bumped into something. It was too soft to be a wall. I turned, drawing my dagger.

In front of me was another soldier, clad in armour. Not just any soldier. He was the prison master. He punched me in the gut, driving me backwards. He struck again. Each time feeling like I was being hit with a truck. Then he drew his sword and raised it over his head. As it was coming down I felt a sudden rush of energy being drawn from me. I sagged, out of energy.

“Hhhaaaa” the prison master yelled as the blade fell. I expected a large impact. I closed my eyes and fell, my back lying in the dirt. I never felt the impact.

Maybe I’m already dead. At least the boy got away.

Something whispered to me, you’re alive. Get up.

I pried my eyes open. Above me I saw the sword of the prison master, not 3 feet over my head. I also saw hands, large and dark. Shadows. I raised my head and looked around. The boy I saved was standing there, his hands outstretched in my direction. I could see the threads between the shadow hands and him. "Kage no te," he grunted out. I slid out from under the sword quickly and watched as the threads disappeared and the blade came down where my head would have been. Then I felt this surge of energy rush into me. In recognized some of it as my own, and found a new energy. A strong, mystical energy, unlike nothing I had sensed when I found him. I suddenly had plenty enough strength to get up and draw my dagger and plunge it into the neck of the prison master. His eyes stared down at me and studied me. He slowly reached into his belt and got out a small dagger, no longer than my palm and plunged it into my gut. I could feel the my blood leaking out of my body. Then the prison master loosened his grip on me, and fell backwards to the ground. I looked at the boy and smiled. He was still standing, wobbly as he was. This boy has potential. I thought to myself. I returned most of his energy back to him, balancing it between us. That left us with enough to fight these last guys. The enemy soldiers stood shocked, as they watched they’re leader fall. Then they made a hasty retreat as I started walking forward.

The boy walked towards me, feeding me little bits of energy. As he approached I tried to walk towards him. I made it a couple steps but then felt a surge of pain. Your gut you idiot. I could hear my shadows whispering. I collapsed, but the boy seized me before I could hit the ground. He helped me walk over to an alleyway. Where he sat me on a box. I ripped a piece of my cloak off and wrapped it around my wound, having to shed my shirt to do so. He walked out and examined the prison master’s sword.

Once I patched myself up I decided to talk to him. “What’s your name?” I asked as approached behind him. He faced me and said, “Enzo. Enzo Savege. And you?” 

“Lynne Arkwright, Lost Princess of Tetria.”

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