The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: March 29, 2018

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Submitted: March 29, 2018



I still was drained from the little fight we had 2 days ago. I can't believe Lynne can still stand. Yesterday, we went to the pharmacy to get some medical supplies. When they asked us where we got injured we passed it on as a motorcycling incident. 

Apparently, they bought it. They must have been the most stupid peolpe in the city. We were way too injured to have been in a motorbiking incident. We exited the store with bandages and anti-infection, along with bandages. Then we walked into an alley to apply them. As we left we ran into some thugs. We backed up, Lynne creating a message using her shadows. It was a conservative way to send messages, but it took a lot of concentration to form them. I watched as she formed a plan, not using language, but a simple diagram.

As we backed up, I could sense Lynne’s energy forming. As she hit the wall, I dashed forward jumping and grabbing onto some pipes that ran along the wall. I used my momentum ato swing behind the thugs, releasing their sight from Lynne. She ghosted, another move she had yet to teach me, and plunged her dagger into one of the thug's head so fast that he stood no chance. I dashed at the other, clenching my fist to punch him, and he pulled a long blade that was normally used for cutting sugercane. I forced my fist forward and opened it, at the same time lunging forward. As grabbed his knee and tripped him and Lynne stabbed her dagger through his skull. 

We quickly searched the thugs for anything we could use, which wasn't much. We found their wallets however, and the money that it contained could last us multiple days in a hate rate hotel. However, we decided to keep our money instead of venturing out and getting two rooms at one of the hotels around the slums. Instead we ventured to the upper class part of the city and bought medical supplies.We walked into the market and bought two cloaks, backpacks, and water bottles.

We filled up on food and I bought myself a dagger. It wasn't super small. It wasn't really large either. It was just, balanced. It reached from the tip of my middle finger to my wrist. It was black and sharp, and had a curved hilt.It was a switchblade, and I could slide the blade into the hilt. I followed her advice, thankful I wouldn't have to worry about cutting myself. Injured from your own blade.... that would be funny. I thought to myself. 

The next couple days was full of boring waiting, and trying to live like normal people. Lynne has shown me how to maintain my shadow energy, but even that I suck at. The only thing I can do is have shitty shadow hands. She has freaking' shadow spears! She keeps telling me to have patience. How can I have paitence. I just got out of prison two days ago, illegally, we're being hunted by the True Order like rats in a barn. I decided to lay down and take a nap. 

I woke up to Lynne's face in front of me, a foot away. "Aah!!!!!!" I screamed. "What are you doing!?" I asked. "Just checking if you're okay. You're body is still recovering from the prison."

I sat up, and I could feel heat rising into my cheeks. Lynne actually looked... cute? I've never actually liked anyone in my life. Lynne had silky long hair that drifted down her chest to her waist. She had large, lively eyes. Even being a misfit, hunted down by a empire, and injured severely I could still see the humor dancing in her eyes. I shook my head, like a wet dog trying to dry off. 

"Thanks," I guess, I said, running my hands through my hair. She smiled at me, obviously seeing my discomfort. How can someone like myself have so much humor? I could only wonder. That's when I realized it. We're not alike. I keep grouping us togather because of our powers. But that's it. Right?

Lynne handed me an apple. I bit into it, feeling the juices rush into my mouth, soaking my tongue in flavor. She handed me a pair of black sneakers, pants and a black jacket. Then she handed me a white shirt and my black cloak. I slid the jacket on, leaving the clothes on the bed until she left and I could change with some privacy. 

After a couple minutes of silence, Lynne got up and left. "I'll just let you get changed...." she said as she got up. As she slipped out the door, I slid my shirt off and put on the white shirt. It smelled nice like it had been washed. I'll have to thank Lynne, I thought to myself. 

I put on the pants and tied the laces to the shoes. They fit perfectly. I was sleeping for maybe 6 hours. That was probably enough time for her to look at my shoe size, and find proper shoes. Another thing I have to thank her for. 

As I left my room, I looked around our little camp. "No Lynne in sight," I said with a sigh. I really wanted to thank her for the clothes. 

"Aah!!! Enzo! Help!"

I immediately shot up and grabbed my dagger and short sword we managed to find. I ran out of our small camp *(which is really an abandoned house)* and ran towards the direction I thought I heard yelling in. I heard another scream and ran in that direction. Then another. It was a game of cat and mouse. It was just forest upon forest upon more forest. 

Then I saw her. There were two guys dragging her. Why doesn't she use her shadows? I wondered. As I looked closer, I could see a dull white flash emitting from both of the men's hands. Disabling magic. 

I looked around for anything could use against the thugs. Hmm... Nothing. Shit. 

I crawled from bush to bush, trying to get closer to Lynne. I looked around each time I moved, finding only small pebbles, twigs, and leaves. Then, I moved and I found a large boulder, probably the size of my torso. I reached inside of me trying to draw my power out like Lynne had taught me. No luck. I tried again, running the words Lynne had used through my head. Draw inside of yourself..... No. You can't force it. You have to tame it. Try calling it, instead of herding it. 

I never did get it. I got whiffs of it, but never a full appearance.

Now I tried like my life depended on it. I called and called, and finally a small stream of smoke showed up. It was dark, but resembled a being. It was a like a living dust bunny, except it was darker and more translucent.

It sat there, unyielding. I didn't know what to do so I sat there. We studied each other for what felt like a million years. Then it stepped towards me. No, not stepped. It floated. It floated to my leg and brushed up against it. Then it made a small shrill like sound. Then I watched as multiple shadow clouds floated to me, and I could feel their energy, filling me. 

Then I faded out and opened my eyes into the real world. Nothing had happened. Lynne and the thugs were frozen like how they were before I entered the "Shadow Realm."

I tried reaching in again and found a small amount of energy, filling me. I tried lifting the rock, asking the shadows to help me. They didn't respond. Then I tried uttering the spell I had used when we escaped from the empire. "Kage no te,"

It didn't work.

They need to learn from the beggining. Lynne had said. I would have to teach my shadows. So I plunged back into my body, and requested my shadow friends. They came, eventually and lined up like an army. I smiled and kneeled down so I could be at their level. 

"Do you guys know any spells?" I thought.

The little shadows mumbled a word, but they were out of sync with each other and I couldn't understand. Then one of the shadows stepped in front of them all and held his hand up. The other shadows stopped almost instantly. He mumbled one word.


Shadow spear, my mind went thought. Japanese was my second language and I had learned it when I was younger. That's when I realized that all the spells were in Japanese. Who the hell invented this language anyway!? I wondered.

 Then when I tried to address them by, "Shadow friends," their names rushed into my head. Torne was the squad leader. Ethe, Blythe, Spec and Lye. Those were they're names. 

They looked like little wisps, but they acted like hormal humans, just.... a bit different.

I asked if they could help me save my friend. Not alone. We can only support. Their magic is too strong for us. They said.

I crawled behind a tree and began to think over a strategy with the help of the Shadows. 

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