The Shadow Weaver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Enzo Savege

Submitted: April 16, 2018

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Submitted: April 16, 2018




I watched as the thugs dragged an unconsious Lynne through a field next to the forest. We'll have to come here once she's free. I think to myself. I made a mental note and continue on. Quickly, day turns to night and the thugs have set up a camp. I find a hollow log not to far from the camp and listen, cozy and warm from the oncoming spring chill.

"What are we going to do with her?" one of the thugs asked. "I don't know, Anthony." So one of their names is Anthony. Good to know. 

"Boss said we didn't have to return her alive."

So, they have a boss. I thought. I was now more intrigued and listened more closely, silencing out everything else. 

"She looks damn good. Maybe we can have some fun?"

"I don't have any magicka left, but maybe we can just keep her un-conscious."

"Ugh! This sucks! Lynne, what would I do?" I asked, my head to the sky. Sister, please help me, I thought. I reached inside myself, finding my shadows waiting for me.

"They low magicka. We overpower. Kagenoyari.

I returned to the real world, a new realization in my head. 

"The thugs mentioned that they were low on magicka. My shadows said something about overpowering. Maybe I can use my shadows to--" I choked on the word. I had always hated humans for what they have done to me, but k-k-killing them? That's a whole new level. "Maybe it won't be too bad," I continued, thinking to myself.

As the thugs walked over to Lynne, I sneaked closer and closer to their camp. "Huh? I swear I heard something..." said the thug. "Huh, you must be hearing things. Oh yeah Anthony?"

The thug turned around to see his brother, Anthony, being assassinated by a young boy, knife in hand. Slowly rotating around the throat, a trail of blood following the knife."Anthony? Are you there? This is a dream right? I'm asleep and you're.... you!" mumbled the thug sitting beside the body. The thug turned to me, eyes glowing, obviously pissed off at me. Okay..... so maybe this wasn't the right strategy....I thought to myself. He ran at me, swinging a club and yelling. 

I dodged his first attack and retaliated with a shadow spear. It hit him right in the theigh, slowing him down for a second, He lunged at me again, nicking me in the foot. I fell, and rolled on the ground, tumbling for a couple of seconds. As I looked up, the thug was in mid-air, flying towards me. 

My eyes bulged and I hesitated for a second. Then, I snapped back to my senses and rolled, barely dodging the smash! and hole in the ground that followed the club. 

I hopped up to my feet and backed up. I sent to more spears at him, aimed towards his feet. I can't beat him on my own, I realized. I have to grab Lynne and run. 

The giant thug ran at me again, his eyes in a fit of rage in themselves. I ran to the side, dodging his charge. Damn, I can't even scratch him! 

I turned and ran into the forest, and the thug tailed me. I could feel the vibration of his heavy steps. I retreated behind a tree, just large enough to hide my body. I could sense the giant, and hear his breathing.

Then, he walked right past me. I looked at the back of his head, and aimed for the tendon between his head and base of his neck.I lunged at him and stabbed the dagegr, missing the thug as he turned at the last second. The dagger still struck home and he let out a yelp and swang his club at me. I hit the deck being grazed by the club, and it drew blood. I darted up the closest tree as fast as I could, casting a quick spear at the thug's eyes. I sat on a branch and watched the thug as he looked for me. After a couple of seconds, the thug made eye contact with me, only for a split second. I darted away as fast as I could, tree branches in my way but I somehow managed to dodge the flying club. I got to the trunk of the next tree and quickly slid down on the side oppisite to the thug.

I ran into cover, which was a bush. I kept cover and went from bush to bush in the direction where Lynne was. As I exited into the clearing, the unnamed thug saw me and charged, either pushing aside or breaking any obstacles with his club. I ran to behind a tree and braced myself as the berserker made his way over to the small camp. I looked over at Lynne and saw that she was still okay.  

The next part of the story from "okay," is from Lynne's POV, and there will be another notification like this when it switches back to Enzo's POV. I was going to make this segment of the story 3 chapters, but for accesibility I just combined them instead. Hopefully it isn't too confusing XD.

I awoke to a berserker charging at a tree. He wasn't quite there yet, but at the speed he was going he would make it in a couple seconds. His shoulder was bleeding and his club was dragging on the ground.

I tried to move my arms to find that hey were tied togather. I tried to yell for help, but my mouth was bound. I looked to see if there was anybody else around, and I saw a dead man, who was very large and a large hunk of muscle. I was intrested in that, but I was more intrested where Enzo was. It was Enzo that did that? I asked my shadows. I felt their answers, but there was one thing missing. Where is Enzo? His aura was draped everywhere, but I couldn't see him. The thug made it to the tree and smashed it with his club, the vibrations so strong I could feel the ground shake under me. The tree was completely smashed, but a deep hole was created inside it. 

Enzo's aura was even stronger now, but I still couldn't see him. Then I saw a flicker of light, only for a second. Then a couple seconds later, Enzo looked like he appeared out of thin air. He watched the thug wacking away at the tree. He was across the fire from the thug, a tactical approach, in case the thug turned and charged. He stuck his hand out in front of him and muttered something. Instantly, his shadow's were sucked into a tight ball in his hand. He raised his arm up above his head and the ball opened so it looked like a mini-portal. He lowered his arm in front of him. Then he yelled, "Hey jackass!"

The thug turned and looked like he was going to chuck the club at Enzo. Then a dark straight spear cut straight into him, starting out very thin and widened quite substationally. The thug's eyes widened and his club dropped from his hand right away, making a thud as it hit the ground, followed by a larger thud as a body hit the ground, a hole cut clean through the middle of his body. A few moments later a smaller, almost silent thud sounded and Enzo Savege collapsed, any trace of his aura gone. I realized I had my mana back and quickly cast a spell and set myself free. I ran to where Enzo laid and I flipped him over on his back, quickly checking for signs of a heartbeat.

Th-Thump... Th-Thump... Th-Thump... I laid over beside him and looked up at the stars. He's improving. I thought to my shadow friends. 

Switch back to Enzo's POV

I rose and sat up.  Whew! That took a lot of energy! That almost failed. Lucky day, huh? I wondered to my Shadows.

"No brother, not luck."

I looked up, thinking I had heard a voice I hadn't hear for over two years. "Sis-- ter? Sister? Where are you?" I asked, looking in the air in front of me. "Oh silly! I'm behind you!" 

I turned and there she stood. My sister. She was wearing a white gown, and now looked like a 10 year old girl. "Are you really here?" I asked, looking at her. She had a light aura, and it looked like she radiated light itself. "Sadly, no. I am just visi-- huh?" 

There I was, trying to hug a spirit. "I'm-- I'm s-- I'm so sorry sister! I didn't try to kill mom and dad! Please forgive me!" I begged, tears in my eyes. "It's fine. We forgive you. Just stay sane, okay?" she said, "I have to go now."

"But why?" 

"Because, mom and dad are calling me for dinner, he-he. I will see you again though. Now, go see your girlfriend, she's waiting for you. You shouldn't make a girl wait, Enzo-kun."

"She's not my girlfriend! She is just my friend! You shouldn't say stuff like that!"

"He-he! We'll see about that!

And that was it. She disappeared with a cheeky look on her face. I thanked my Shadows for helping me with the invisibility spell, but they seemed awfully sad. What is it? I thought to them. Myst taught us that spell. He had been out and about, unlike us. He was born with that power. He had seen other Shadow users, and over time he learned how to use the Cloak. I sifted through my brain for the name, but they had never mentioned it to me before. Did he get lost, I asked. I felt their nods, like they physically where moving their miniature heads inside of me. He went out once, and never come back.

I opened my eyes, again, and I looked over to see Lynne lying there, in her little ball safe from the cold. I scooped her up and brought her over to where the firepit. It was almost dead, but luckly there was a lot of small twigs and deadfall, along with some extra wood that was left at the fire place. I looked back to where Lynne was lying down, on a patch of grass near enough to the fire that she would be warm. I looked around the camp after the fire got going again, and saw that Lynne was still cold. Maybe the fire's warmth isn't reaching her. I walked over to where she lay and squated down beside her. It is chilly.... 

I didn't dare move her any closer to the fire because there wasn't any grass or soft material for her to rest on and being so close to the fire means that she could catch fire if a spark fell on her clothes. I took of my jacket, which had been torn a bit on the back, where the club hit me. I chucked it on her and felt around on my back for the gash where I had been hit. It was smooth except for where the skin came up a bit, where I'm guessing was where the club had hit me.

I looked up at the starry night sky and thought what other beings were in our world. Lynne's slim body uncurled a couple minutes later, as I fell asleep beside her.

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