A Queen’s Poker Face

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


A Queen’s Poker Face

Tugging emotions while being pulled into celestial space

Temperament galloping and picking up the pace

Marathon runner in it for the long haul race

As body stands erect and tall

Presence begging for that carnal emotional fall

Gyrations gliding inner walls


Closed eyes challenging the wind

Where the fever of comfort and speed has no end

Free falling for narrative of mankind

I have the candles, you bring the wine

No utensils needed for the dine

Mind to mind passion eating the hands of time


Silent then loud mental distraction

Guaranteed head banging satisfaction  

The mind can engage the body alone

A popped cherry and whip cream song


Wearing me down

No one to warn me, silence as I look around

Wearing me down

 Tempting fate to give you the dominance of my hips and the sugar of my crown

Intoxicating elixir as physiques drink

Souls blend, sensations link 

Pirate to treasure, a golden sink


Chasing society blues away

Keeping up with the earthly rhythm as bodies sway

Dirges of surrender as we lay

Invitational if you want to come and play

Bed, shower, bale of hay

Royal Flush

In as much

Straight Flush

Relishing in the heated rush

Show me your five card spread

Then we can put this missile and seek game to bed


However, mental rains as noted

No need to Fold you’re fully loaded




Time bomb of essence ticking

From a Full House licking

Chips are stacking while you’re sticking


Parting Pairs

Splitting hairs

The dealer pays the table

Bodies sedated and now stable

Umm...do not rise from the table handsome one

And since you’ve won

We’re not remotely done


Presently in time, floating among the stars

Up here, possessions are so far

Only Woman from Venus and Man from Mars

 We live in today the galaxy calls out to say

Therefore, no delay

 Isn’t there such a thing as a Poker Triple Card Play


Submitted: March 27, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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