Profoundly shocking truths glare at us like blood red eyes in the darkest night....

What you can do to discover what this story means and to understand and gain a more in-depth appreciation of the stories written by a master of the genre, is to first realize that such stories are not what they appear to be - read between the lines to discover the secret hidden code.

Such authors are social psychologists and transcendental philosophers. They are revealing in double-talk truths that are hidden from the public by shrouded cabalistic agencies who operate from back rooms and behind the scenes to exploit uninitiated human populations for personal capitalist gain.

In the example you provided, Flannery O’Connor is blatantly stating the exact opposite of what most people think she’s saying. She camouflages her urgent message so artfully that only a rare few perceive the incisive reality that she explains in meticulous detail among the profane scenes of her pictorial encryption.

Everything, I mean absolutely everything without exception, that reaches public audiences has been thoroughly choreographed toward the sinister aim of suppressing and enslaving the minds of the populous in order to ensure that most people cannot accrue any notable sum of wealth so that the secret esoteric elite concentrate the bulk, what is in effect the entire, wealth of this planet into their cunning merciless hands.

The Corporate Controlled Military Industrial Complex (a subdivision of which is the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex or Medical Industrial Complex) is empowered and manipulated by entities alien to this world who exploit human beings as draft animals or merely another natural resource at their disposal solely for their own imperialistic gains and benefits.

In Three Days of the Condor, a CIA operative assigned to the clandestine Section 17 reads paperbacks to determine if conspiracies that are a threat to national security are encoded in the plots of bestselling novels. Thus I had perceptive readers in mind when I penned The Secret of Hope.

Authors such as Flannery O’Connor are intelligent enough to realize the hidden truth of reality in the human condition on planet Earth, yet these authors are also smart enough to know that if they announce their shocking discoveries in so many words, their writing would be suppressed by the Establishment, never making it into print; therefore, in order to ensure that their dire message of alarm for human survival reaches a mass audience, they cast their apocalyptic warning in a coded form that appears on the surface to conform to the strict standards imposed by the diabolical cloaked factions that scrutinize every scrap of subject-matter long before it reaches public attention.

In order to reveal the truth, one must hide it among the dangerous ideologies, shadowy corners, and insidious influence being promoted in fad form by coldly-calculating totalitarian Spin Doctors.

Look for the hidden paranormal message - that is how you can deepen your understanding and appreciation of stories written by masters of the genre.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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