Simulacra: A Hyperreal Experience

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In this chapter, you'll find more information. Texts and stuff. Blah blah blah.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Assimilation

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018




Chapter 7: Assimilation.


“Hey Greg. There’s something on my mind” I said. “What” Greg replied. “Let's talk about Anna’s place.” I said “What about Anna’s place?” Greg questioned me. “Did you activate the phone reset?” I asked “I told you! I didn’t do anything! Are you calling me a liar? If I wanted the phone erased, why the hell do I backup the phone for you?” Greg yelled “That’s true” I said. “I hope you’re done wasting my time.” gred said “Let's talk about your relationship with Anna.” I said “So you’re a shrink now. What is there to talk about us?” Greg yelled at me again. “Why did she block you from her apartment?” I questioned. “We had a fight ok! How would I know she would block me? I just needed to check if she was at home.” greg keeps yelling. I stopped talking to him and switched to Taylor. “Another random thought, what if Greg...killed…Anna? Well. Maybe kill is a strong word. But what if he hurt her or something and tried to cover it up and all you hear from him is a lie. Hmm?” Taylor said.“Anna left him because he cheated.” I told him “HAH. Caught red handed. Or red fingered since it's a text. Okay that sounded weird now that I typed it out. Who is the unlucky girl?” taylor questioned. “Yolanda” I said. “Exotic name. You know that sounds like a motive to me. Messy breakup > Fight > Things got a little violent? > Who knows. I think you should call her and ask if she knows anything about Greg. Like a second opinion. Get it straight from the source.” Taylor investigated. Okay then. That was lots of dialog. Back to the real story. Some type of ringtone came up. I got a call from Detective Murillo. “Hello i'm looking for Anna. I believe this is her number? Hello? I think this is the answering machine so i'll just leave a message for her. This is Detective Murillo from the Police Department. We received a report from one of your neighbors. She mentioned that there was a suspicious looking guy entering and exiting your residence. Can you confirm if this is true? Call us if you wish to report a burglary. Thank you and good day.” That was strange knowing he was talking about Greg. While looking through her files I saw a company named Faris and Kane with the numbers 0405. I'll try calling that. It works! “Thanks for using Faris and Kane. My name is Yolanda and I will be your shopper today. How may I be of assistance?” “I need your help for other matters.” I said “I'm afraid we do not do returns. You may have to contact HQ for that matter.” yolanda said. “I'm from the Police Department.” I lied. “Oh. What can I do for you officer.” she asked. “Anna has gone missing.” I told her. “Huh. But I don't even know her. Something is not right. Who is this? Did Greg put you up to this? You know it's ILLEGAL to impersonate a cop.” she yelled “I am a cop.” I told her. “Oh really. Prove it.” she yelled again. “It's for Anna’s safety.” I said “Fine. What about them?” she asked “He just broke into Anna’s apartment.” I told her “Woah! HOLD up. Time out. Are you telling this right?” she said “The evidence seems to point that.” I lied to her. “I don't know what you have on him, but if you're implying that he actually did something to Anna. I highly doubt it. He didn’t even have the balls to break up with me face to face. He is too chicken sh*t to be a criminal.” she said “So you two dated?” I asked “Hah! More like a side girl booty call.” she said. I sort of laughed through the screen. “He cheated.” I said “Oh yeah. I'm all in for some casual fun, but having a girlfriend all this time is a low blow. When she found out about me, all hell broke loose and I ended up being the ‘other girl’ you know.” she said. “He told me it wasn't a big deal,” I said. “Pfft. I’ve never seen a grown man break down like he did. Can't tell if he regretted knocking me up or cheating on her. However when it came down to make the choice he went for Anna and I got the half ass voicemail breakup.” she told me. I heard something in the background. Anna had posted a Jabbr post. Wait...But how?


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