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Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



story it’s a statement about bullying because those people are assholes and there nothing we can do about it I went to a mental hospital because I tried to kill myself over bullies and because of that I spend 9 days at heartland hospital because of bullies do you want to do that to people you bully or are you down because of one look its part of life but they get too you are you called names like slut, hoe, whore, motherfuck, fuckboy, asshole, shit head

I know believe me ive been there it hurts I can bearly stand it but I just take it then go home and take it out on my family because im hurt and tore down but the one thing that keeps my head up is my friends Jayden(Best Friends BF also my Best Friend) Skylar(Best Friend) and other but those are the main ones they almost know what im going through every day and if I didn’t have them I don’t think I would be here in this world let me tell you my story how I’m still alive.


One day I came back from school just got discharged from the hospital because I was really sick I had the bad flu well anyway I found out My best friend was dating someone so I was like who???? It turned out to be Jayden I was like OMG I hate this kid but I might as well get to know him well I did and I started to like him and I told someone named Katelynn(bully) because we were friends well anyway she told jayden and jayden started liking me and sky new and she was pist believe me like she tried to set down ground rules yeah I told her no not happening ever well back to the story I was hurt mainly because I wasn’t even ready to tell anyone she pressured me into telling her and I got really hurt and mad then everyone started to speard rumours to others like stuff I wasn’t even saying and I started to get hurt about it and I just wanted to die but today I got and email from Jayden it said “Sorry about the drama Katelynn a b word if you know what I mean” or something like that well anyway before that I thought about killing myself which is really really bad.

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