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Visions of a past self, unable to see herself as whole, she dreams of past lives, past experiences, pain. Her worst nightmare has unraveled before her eyes.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



The ground rumbled beneath my feet as cars sped by at over 200 miles per hour. The sound of metal crunching and tire screeching out of control couldn’t stop the buzzing of the vehicles racing by. The sounds of the crowd screaming in panic and commentator yelling through his mic, was almost lost in the cries of the little girl with dark, choppy, brown hair that I saw running towards the race track. A man caught her in his grasp before she could get hit by the streaks of color circling the green, mechanic to the man whose body lay dead in the crushed, twisted metal. I tried to move, wanting to comfort the screaming girl, but my body stuck like it was in wet cement.

“NOOO, Daddy!! No!” She screamed, “Don’t leave me! You can’t leave me, daddy!”

As she let out a gurtled scream that echoed into the stadium, I saw a veil of gold cover her eyes, even as the screams continued, and I was sucked into her head. Scenery moved by in high speed, people moved and spoke, looking like a tape in reverse but the pictures still visible. It picked up in speed until only blurs of colors, just like the race cars outside of her mind, remained. Finally, the clip stopped, zoning in on a glowing figure who spoke softly to her.

“I’m sorry, my child, for the pain you must endure, but  you are my only creation that I can trust to protect the others. Should you hate me for this, I will understand. I will give you a choice when your time comes, which side to choose in this eternal battle. When that time comes, no force will stop you.”

With dizzying speed, the clips fast forward again until I was back in my own body watching the five year old as her screams died and her eyes return to their normal shade. Her hysterical sobbing was cut off as she vomited viciously over the man's arm that was holding her back. She shook so severely it appeared that a seizure had taken over. When the episode stopped, she stood on her own two feet and turned to look at me, a grotesque smile twisting her face. The race track disappeared, replaced by scenes following this event, all painful, all in high speed. I saw monsters hunting me; I watched in horror as beings ripped into flesh and blood splattered; I saw red eyes that questioned me and sliced, stabbed, broke, and raped me; I saw my blood covered hands and the death of my victims; I saw myself falling into the fire’s of hell and fighting my way back to the earth above; I saw myself learning to killing or to be killed. Only myself and the little girl stood in place.

“This will never end!” The voice deep and growling in the child's mouth which held razer blade teeth. “You will always suffer! You will never be whole! You are nothing but a monster! Each time you die, happiness will not last. You will be feral, killing all in your path: human, monster, demon, or angel! Then you will die and be born a monster again and again! Each time leaving nothing but death and destruction in your wake. You are cursed! Not gifted! Your soul is rottened and decayed! You are nothing but a vessel for an infected soul that spreads disease where ever you go! Through all of eternity!”

This little girls face twisted, growing old and rotting as she spoke, far older than any human should become. Bones lay exposed under the blackish festering skin which sagged on her small and weathered frame. Her eyes grew vacant and hollow, nose withering away until only the exposed, browning bone remained. Her jaw was yellow and slack as she spoke, then she disappear. I turned around as I heard a rustle of fabric behind me. As I turned the memories stopped flowing and faded from white to gray to black; I hung suspended in an eternal darkness. An oval shaped object floated behind me, covered in a thick, dark cloth. Gripping the fabric with shaking hands, I tore it off. The velvet fluttered from my hand and disappeared in the void revealing an old, cracking and rusty mirror beneath it. The being looking back was tear streaked, dirt smeared, and scrapped; the eyes, wild and dead at the same time. Then my reflection twisted becoming  the old girls face once again, reaching out of the mirror towards me with clawed fingertips. Her voice echoed around me in the emptiness, “This is you! This is what you truly are! Rotten, long dead, infected, feral!” I recoiled from her sharp fingers, which pricked my cheek just below my left eye. I could feel the blood well up and spill, bleeding more than it should. Then I was no longer floating, I was falling into the void which turned to fire and hot melting iron that clung to me burning through my skin, muscles, and bones. The pain of hot melting flesh and metal enveloped me followed by the smell of burnt meat. I felt a rough hand grip my forearm, but could not see the owner of it or the hand itself. My mouth dropped open in an eternal scream and my eyes turned black. I felt a dizzying soaring sensation as my body felt like it was being jerked upwards.

The sun hit my retinas as I opened my eyes causing me to flinch and I felt the hand release me. Groggily, I heard a deep voice, loud and persistent, break through the cloud of dreams.


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