Something About Kyle

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 24 (v.1) - Twenty-Four

Submitted: March 26, 2020

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Submitted: March 26, 2020



“You slept with my brother?!” Tamara screeched over the phone as I walked through the front door of my apartment.

My cheeks were still tearstained, and my heart hurt, but it felt good coming out. I held this secret inside for only a week, but it felt like an eternity. I did not expect for it to blow up in my face this way, however.

I plopped down on my worn living room sofa and unbuckled the belt on my trench coat. “No, Mara. We only kissed.”

She exhaled harshly. “Ivy, come on girl. Are you and Kyle having problems?”

“No!” I answered quickly. “Jaxon was so persuasive, and all grown up. I guess it was just a weak moment. And I was so emotional…”

“Oh Ivy…” Tamara began. “I ought to kill my brother for this! He’s such a perv. I have no idea what that wife of his sees in him.”

I froze. “So, he really is married, then?”

“Yeah, white-picket fence and everything; they live in Los Angeles.” She paused, sounding guilt stricken just then. “Oh, my gosh. He lied about it, didn’t he?”

I couldn’t lie and say that information didn’t sting a little. Why lie?

“Nope, I guess it slipped his mind.” I answered.

A few minutes went by before either of us spoke, as it was a pensive silence.

“I told Kyle about it.” I sniffled. “I think it’s over between us.”

“What?!” She hollered. “Why would you tell him that? Especially if you haven’t had sex with him. It’s Girl Code to take that to the grave.”

It was my turn to be shocked.`

“Tamara, the guilt was too much. Plus, I really love Kyle…and this is one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.” My heart was pounding. “And I fucked it all up. He doesn’t love me anymore.”

Tamara spoke softly, “Aw sweetie, love doesn’t work that way. If he doesn’t love you now, then he never did. His feelings are just hurt. Trust me.”

“Well I—” A soft knock came at the door; so soft I almost didn’t hear it. “Mara, can I call you back? Someone’s at the door.”

“Of course, girl. Am I still picking you up for Regina’s party tonight?”

That was the farthest thing from my mind, honestly, and I wasn’t even in a partying mood.

“Yes, and thank you, Sis.” I said and hung up.

The soft knock came again before I opened the door, and I didn’t think to check the peephole or anything.

Mr. Burke, my elderly neighbor, stood before me. He was a thin man who crouched severely from old age and walked slightly on a limp. His hair was in an afro and peppered with gray streaks. He had told me that he was from South Carolina, which I believed, due to the severity of his southern drawl.

His normally smiling eyes were ones replaced with fright, and I didn’t deny the panic that set quickly in.

“Hello Miss Ivy.” Mr. Burke’s eyes darted from left to right.

“Hey, Mr. Burke. Anything the matter?” I asked, attempting to follow his eyes.

“Um.” He began timidly. “There was a man outside of your apartment a little while ago. Saw him when I went to check the mail.”

My apartment?” I hedged, skeptic. “Come in, please.”

He hobbled inside at a slow pace and took a good while to finally sit on the couch.

I shut the door. “Want some water or something?”

That familiar friendly smile returned when he answered, “No ma’am. I just went to the bathroom, not tryna’ go again.”

I giggled, feeling some of the edge diminish a little. That was Mr. Burke’s magic trick: he could always make me smile.

“Mr. Burke—”

“Ayman.” He interjected. “My first name, ma’am. Ever since I met you last year you been nothing but respectful.”

I sat down across from him on the loveseat.

 “Mama taught me to respect my elders, Ayman. That’s all.”

“Your Mama, huh?” He asked, a wistful smile on his face. “Well, if she was anything like my late wife, then you’re lucky. That’s why I can’t imagine somebody trying to harm such a nice girl like you in any way. That man looked like he was up to no good earlier.”

I had to consider my range of options. It couldn’t have been Kyle; I just saw him at work. Coal was at work as far as I knew as well, plus he wouldn’t show up without notice.

“What did he look like?” I asked.

He scratched his furry chin in thought. “He was kinda’ short and dark-skinned. Funny looking fellow. He looked mighty pissed off too.”

“Did he speak to you?”

“Nah,” he answered. “But when I asked for his name, he made a face and left. Is everything all right, child?”

Sweat spilled down my spine and I had to control the urge to shut and lock my door forever. I tried not to jump to conclusions, but it was Vince, I knew it. Was this entire bachelorette party a setup?

“It will be.” I replied finally, determinedly.  I was a woman on a mission.

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