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Chapter 100 (v.45) - Healing Affirmations

Submitted: March 26, 2019

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Submitted: March 26, 2019



Healing Affirmations

Rays Of Wisdom - Leaving Addictions Behind - Healing Affirmations

My physical body is the outer part of me, I am its indwelling spirit/soul. It’s my vehicle for getting around on the Earth, for one lifetime only.

I am Divine light. Its presence permeates and heals every cell and every atom of my whole being.

God is part of me and I am part of God. I am the resurrection of spiritual awareness and that I shall be alive in all Eternity.  

With every beat of my heart my whole being fills with the healing power of the Christ Star and supplies me with Its strength and endurance.

With every beat of my heart my mind is filled with feelings of peace and joy, the courage and the determination in need to succeed in all my endeavours.

With every beat of my heart my whole being fills with the rhythms of God’s love, harmony and peace.

Six pointed Star

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