Don't Give Up!

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - Growing Up

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



From Fool To Wise One - Part Twenty-One

Growing Up

Rumi - Growing Up - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing

The essence of what I want to tell you today is that
Little by little, every human spirit and soul has to
Grow up and wean itself.
From an embryo who draws its nourishment
From its mother’s blood,
We become an infant who drinks her milk.
But all along we are searchers of wisdom and truth,
Treasure-seekers and hunters of invisible gains.

Imagine how a conversation with an embryo would go.
It might start with something like:
‘The world outside your womb is vast and intricate.
There are wheat fields, mountain passes
And orchards in bloom.
At night you can see millions of galaxies
And in the Sun’s light maybe watch
Friends dancing at a wedding.’

If you asked the embryo: ‘Would you prefer
To stay where you are, cooped up in the dark,
With your eyes closed?’
At that stage of its development
The small earthly self to be would probably reply:
‘I only know what I am experiencing now.
When you talk of other worlds,
It sounds to me like hallucinations.’

From Rumi’s ‘Mathnawi’
Persian Muslim poet, jurist, theologian and Sufi mystic.
His writings are descriptions of everything in Heaven and Earth.
Adapted by Aquarius

Each time the door of the spirit world, our true home, closes behind us and we once more reborn into another lifetime on the Earth plane, during the embryo phase of our earthly sojourns the only thing about life we know is our present state. Of necessity this happens to every one of us the first few times around. And that’s the way young and experienced souls in our midst perceive themselves and their existence. The Divine spark in them is still slumbering for the simple reason that their time for its wakening has not yet come because their earthly selves have not yet sufficiently experienced life in physicality and learned about it.

The law of life is love and the essence of every human being is love, even though for a long time this may not show itself in their behaviour patterns. Nonetheless, from love we come and to love each one of us eventually returns. Times in earthly life at first serve the exploration of everything that is not love, for example hatred and greed, violence and crime, sickness and death. During this phase of our development we are interested in anything that creates suffering for those around us and our world. Even though we are unaware of what is happening to us, in the fullness of time every bit of it returns to us and we find ourselves at the receiving end. Through these happenings our own soul and that of humankind, our whole world and the whole of Creation become familiar with these characteristics. Because they belong to humankind’s lower and unevolved nature, in due course they have to be worked on and overcome.

This is a process in which we, individually and collectively, are constantly growing in wisdom and understanding. Through this our consciousness and that of our race slowly expands and everybody in the end reaches the point of rediscovering who we are, where we have come from and where we are going to. We then find it far more enjoyable by far to pursue that which is positive and wholesome, good, right and beautiful. We feel drawn to them because that’s the only way we can be true to our real nature. This heralds that, at least for us, a vast evolutionary circle has closed, another chapter of our development is complete and we are ready for moving on to lessons of a higher nature. That applies as much to each one of us individually as it does collectively to our whole race and world.

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