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Chapter 99 (v.1) - Nothing Happens Perchance

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



Nothing Happens Perchance

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Nothing Happens Perchance

Once upon a time in a far distant land, there lived a King. One of the customs of his realm was that he as the reigning monarch had a personal advisor, who was believed to be one of the wisest people in the land and followed the King wherever he went. As this King was a young and inexperienced soul, he thought he knew everything and that it could not be any other way. Whenever the King asked about the meaning of something, the supposedly wise one replied: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons’. Because of this, as time went by the King doubted his wisdom ever more strongly.

The King had been born when the Sun was in Sagittarius and was an outdoor type and extremely fond of hunting, shooting and fishing, the same as anyone born into this sign. One fine day, on one of his hunting expeditions in the jungle, the King shot an arrow into his foot. That by the way is something Sagittarians are particularly good at, metaphorically speaking, but this time the King excelled himself and did so quite literally. ‘Ha! Now I’ll test him,’ he thought. Turning to the wise one by his side, he asked: ‘What do you make of my accident?’ But all he got was the usual reply: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons.’

‘What a useless advisor you are and what pointless advice you are giving me yet again!’ the King thought to himself and enraged he shouted: ‘That’s what you always say because it’s all you know. You are not a wise one, but a fool and a charlatan who talks a lot of nonsense. If that’s what you call wisdom, I’ve had just about enough of it and you. Off to prison you go!’ No sooner said than done. After a few days the King visited the advisor and asked: ‘And what do you make of your present situation?’ Once more the wise one merely replied: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons,’ but this time he added: ‘Ask your inner guidance, the small still voice of your conscience, if you want to find out more. There’s a wise one inside you and that is your Highest Self, known as the living God within, who knows the answer to all your questions. Everybody has one.’ The King groaned: ‘More twaddle! This is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.’ And then he instructed the prison warders that the advisor should stay in their care for an indefinite period, maybe for good.
The King was a very restless man and so one of the next few days he ventured forth on another hunting trip. As the advisor could not accompany him, the King went on his own. Promptly he lost his way and entered the territory of a cannibalistic tribe. The men captured him and took him to their camp so he could be served as a particularly tasty evening meal. However, before these cannibals ever put anything into their cooking cauldron they thoroughly inspected their prey. In keeping with their tribal traditions they never ate anything that was not in top condition and when they discovered the wound on the King’s foot, they sent him back into the jungle.

Thus the King was spared, but by the time he got home his foot had become seriously infected and he was in great pain. The foot troubled him so much that the court physician advised that the King should rest a lot to help the healing process. He found this most boring, but on one occasion when he was sitting still, he began to reflect on past events and the advisors words came to mind: ‘Ask your inner guidance.’ Wondering what this might mean, he paused to think about it. After a while he became aware that something like a voice was speaking inside him. In a flash of inspiration through his inner guidance the Angels told the King:

‘The advisor knew the way. If you had taken him with you, you would never have strayed into cannibal territory. But you shot yourself in the foot for a number of reasons. One of them is that you would go hunting on your own and get lost in the jungle. Another one is that you should fall into the hands of the cannibals, but that because of your injury they refused to eat you. The injury to your foot was necessary in the first place so that a whole sequence of events could begin to unfold that would stop your constant running around and force you to spend time sitting still. Your reflections on what and why these things had been happening to you at last guided you into listening within to what your Highest Self has been wishing to teach you for a long time.

‘The time for the awakening of your subconscious faculties, your inner light, has come. But this part of you can only be sparked into life by something you are hearing or reading when you are ready, i.e. the right moment has come and your energies have become sufficiently receptive to enable you to understand that which you are attracted to. Can you see for yourself now that without the events surrounding the mishap with your foot you would never have learnt one of the most valuable lessons of your present lifetime? Many more of them will follow in due course, this you can be sure of. And that’s how you, through your own experiences,  are going to grow steadily in wisdom and understanding, so that in the fullness of time you will have evolved into a wise one in your own right.’

Gratefully the King accepted what his inner guidance was telling him. His newly found understanding helped him to realise what a wise man his advisor had been all along. Accepting that he alone had been a fool and that the advisor truly was wise indeed, the King released him from prison, rewarded him a place of honour in his court and a pension so he could live in comfort for the rest of his earthly days. Never again did the King ignore the small still voice of his conscience or did anything without his advisor. This is how he learned, the same as all human beings, including Kings and Queens, that there are no accidents in earthly life and that nothing happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything happens for the wise higher purpose of teaching us something, so that we may grow ever more Heaven-tall.

The lessons we have received up to any given present moment have made us into the person we presently are. And whatever comes our way is invariably sent for our highest good and greatest joy and that is to transform us into an ever wiser, more understanding and tolerant, kind and loving person. So let’s not begrudge whatever challenges we may still have to face. Knowing that their ultimate aim is to move us onto ever higher levels of consciousness, let’s do your best to co-operate with everything the Universal Forces are bringing us and that with gratitude in our hearts for our Creator’s infinite wisdom and love.

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