Love At The Disco.

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The evening was going well at the disco until I said to the girl, ''You're my love.''

I whispered gently in the ears of the girl I was with at the disco, ''You're my love.''
''How many drinks have you had? She asked.
I said, ''I'm not drunk, and what I said to you is true.''
She said, ''Yes, I've heard that many times from blokes who are only after one thing.''
''You can trust me,'' I said. ''I won't lie to you.''
''You men are all the same.'' She said.
''You don't know me as yet, and straight away, you judging. That's not right.''
"Do you want to walk me home?'' She asked.
''Yes, of course, I would like to.''
''No, you're not. I dont want when we get there, you trick me and step in the door with me.''
''Why should I do that?'' I asked.
''Don't you want to do that?''
''Well...if you...would that be okay?''
''See, I just said, you men are only after one thing.''
''And what would that be?''
''You don't know what that is?'' she chuckled.
I said, ''It could be a hot cup of coffee.''
''You're kidding me,'' she said. Who would want coffee at that time.''
''I love coffee, and I'm willing to have a cup when we get to your place.''
''I don't think you'll get to my place,'' she said.
''Why is that?''
''I haven't got a place. I live with my parents.''
''That's your place as well. You have your own room,''
She said, ''You're still not coming home with me.''
''It sounds as if you want me to come. Are you afraid of your parents?''
''No. But I can't bring any and anybody home.''
''I'd like to know your name,'' I told her.
''Because I'm interested in you.'' I said to her.
'' Why me and not some other?''
''It just happened that way. You're really cute.''
''You're not capturing me that way!'' She said.
''So you want to be captured then. Are you going to tell me your name then?''
''Since you persist, I'll take you out your misery. It is Kristine!''
''That's pretty nice. I like it.''
''I knew you were going to say that!'' She said.
''What else could I say but the truth. It's a nice name. Do you want another drink?''
''Trying to get me drunk to make it easier to seduce me.''
''Seduce you? That's not on my mind.''
''Why do you want to take me home then?''
''It's the normal thing to do theses days. And to protect you from intruders.''
''Aren't you an imntruder yourself?'' She asked.
''Do you see me as an intruder?''
''Well, yes and no.'' she couldn't make up her mind.

''Don't you like it if people are interested in you, especially here at the disco?''
''Of course, I am. But I'm far too young to get involved with one night-stand.''
''Do you like me? Are you interested in me?''
''I do like you. Yes, I'm interested in you. You haven't told me yourself your name?''
''It's John!"'
''So you'd like to baptize me would you?'' She asked seriously.
''I would, if you'd let me.''

The End.


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