A Channel Between Dimensions 2: Lexx's Revenge

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Just a simple elevator game. Or is it? This is a short Chapter

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Missing

Submitted: March 28, 2018

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Submitted: March 28, 2018



Chapter 2: Missing


I woke up feeling great. All the hallucinations were gone. But unfortunately I was lost. . Behind me was a locked door and a light. I was somewhere in an apartment complex. I saw an elevator right in front of me. It was my only choice to go through because I couldn’t see any emergency stairs. I clicked the elevator button. Everything seemed normal. “Ding” It opened. I walked in and some music started playing. I didn’t know where to go so I clicked 4. When I arrived, the light that used to glow white was now glowing red. In shock, I clicked 2. There was a woman. She had black hair and a black lacy dress. She walked in. I wasn’t worried at all. In stupidity, I clicked 6. There was a teddy bear right next to the door. I was getting a little freaked out. I clicked 2. Everything seemed normal here but the red light. I pressed 10. The lady got off. She didn’t have any stilts, but she was limping. I pressed 5. Normal room again. Then I got bored of playing with the elevator, so I clicked 1. WAIT WHAT! Instead of going down, it went up!!! I was so scared. It stopped at the 10th floor. In confusion, I walked out. The door was unlocked. Everything seemed normal to me. I found myself outside to what seemed like Wellington. There wasn’t anyone. All the lights were off. I saw a red cross in the distance. I felt uneasy about being in Wellington, but from here I knew my way home. When I got there, my mother’s car wasn’t in the driveway. “Maybe she is at work” I said to myself. I walked in and turned on the lights. “Ding” I heard my laptop’s messaging system. “Someone sent me something. I thought they were all sleeping.” I walked up to my laptop. It said “Welcome.” I had exactly no idea what it meant. I mean I’ve had a rough day and my mom isn’t home yet, so why not play some video games. I powered on my console and went to grab a game along with my controller. When I came back, my console had a message. It said “Come to Wellington.” In my head I was saying “NO!” But out of curiosity, I went there. I put on my red jacket and walked out. It was chilly. I saw a newspaper fly by my house. I chased after it. When I caught up to it, I read it. “Boy goes missing” was the title. HEY! THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE ME! No.. it can’t be. I forgot about it and went to Wellington. I checked my clock. 6:66 am. Since when does the clock go past 59? And HOW IS IT THAT NUMBER! I’m probably dreaming. I finally got to Wellington. I saw Aidis. I backed away for a moment before realizing he was with my mom. “MOM!” I shouted. “You’re here! We were worried sick about you” Aidis spoke. “Mom. is..that...dad?” I stuttered. She nodded in agreement. “I have been trying to reach out to you. Katherine hasn’t been able to see me until I touched her. I explained everything and she settled down.” Aidis explained. “So where am I?” I asked. “Unfortunately, you’ve entered the other world.


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