She's a Magical Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a simple story I wrote after being a good time without inspiration. It based in both real and fictional facts, the names here are pure fictional.

Submitted: March 29, 2018

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Submitted: March 29, 2018



This is going to be a funny thing, 

I'm Christopher and I'm going to tell a funny story which happened to me a few years ago.

It started on the first day of class of 2016, I was very lazy while trying to console myself that the Summer Vacations ended, and the whole School mess was ready to start all over again. However, I remember I saw a beautiful girl in the school yard that day, I probably was cheering for her being from my class, however she wasn't. I could say she was the most beautiful girl with the same age as me (Or quite newer) I ever saw in my life.

I didn't took it ahead, looking I was only 13 years old (Which, my birthday was a few days before), so I wasn't caring so much of having a girlfriend, I had my own friends and I was very happy with that. I didn't take this ahead, so I remember I just used to look at her when we cross patches, I really wasn't so interested on her.

However, everything seemed to change a few months after.

I was walking with a few friends during the snack break at school. I was going to the school yard while she already was in the school yard in the low part of the ramp. I was near to the classes building, and to access the yard I need to use a ramp which connects the classes building to the yard. And I remember clearly. I was downing the ramp with a few friends, and when I got down the ramp, a classmate, Jack (Which was talking with Audrey, the girl which I thought was beautiful in the first day of class), called me to talk with him.

There was him, Audrey and a few Audrey's friends. When I get there, he started to talk with me:

- Audrey wants to tell you something.

I don't remember well what I thought on that moment, it was so quick, but I probably thought something like:

“Wow, the girl which I think it's beautiful wants to talk with me.”

I remember she became very desperate, doing some negation signals, I wasn't understanding well what was happening, but quickly I understood she was very shy, then Jack tried to explain the things:

Audrey told me she thinks you is a beautiful guy.

I don't remember what I replied, but certainly I tried to say something intellectual (For a 13-year-old guy), but it certainly sounded idiot. She was surrounded by her best friends, so I think she wasn't expecting to talk with a guy about being a girlfriend.

After the talk (Which didn't leaved into something), I remember I back to walk with my friends, but I didn't said a word about what happened.

to class, I remember the teacher told to do groups with two partners, and I remember I paired with Jack, to see if he had something more to tell me about her. We didn't go much further, but he told I maybe could talk with her tomorrow before the school.

I was very shy (And I think I didn't improved much since that), so I certainly couldn't start a talk by myself, especially for requesting a girl to be my girlfriend.

On the next day morning, I remember that Jack really brought me to the girl, and made we talk, however I felt insane by inside, I didn't knew what say. I thought he could help me being an intermediary of the talk, so I simply said:

- Hi

I became so much embarrassed, I don't know if this could be noticeable. I don't remember if she even replied, but I tried to talk back with Jack, but it doesn't helped so much. I would say we became tied, she became embarrassed when we first met, and I became embarrassed when I tried to do our first talk, what a good way to start a relation...

Since all that, we never used to talk back again, not because both of us disliked the experience (I hope, she doesn't disliked), but we became a good time without say something, but it was like if inside me I felt I had a girlfriend, even we never make a talk bigger then 30 seconds.

It took a good time since something suspicious happens again.

It was early 2017, Jack need to went out of the school, but fortunately Audrey stayed in the school. I was exiting from the Physical Education class, and when I was going up that same ramp, Audrey was going down (She probably was going to have that class now), and when we first look, we kept exchanging looks since the end of the ramp. That certainly wasn't unintentional. Again, I back to the idea she still could be interested on me, but I didn't knew how to get on her.

I remember a few days later, I published on a gaming forum a Status Update talking about everything which happened at the time, and a few peoples tried to help me, but I was too shy to try any of those things.

silence for a good period, until in the late of 2017, I decided to do an important step to all this. It was making a good period that Audrey was showing as friend suggestion on a social media, so I finally decided to invite her as friend. 

I never used to invite people as friends in Social Media, generally is other people who invite me, but I decided to do that just to see where we could get. 

I was feeling so insane by inside, in fact anything so different in my routine can be a huge psychological challenge for me. Less than 10 minutes after I invite her, she accepted. She just changed her profile picture in that same day, so the first thing I did was to like her new profile pic and see what could come next.

I remember that on the same day I also decided to change my profile picture and see where this could get. She was one of the first persons to like that photo. And this certainly meant something.

Everything stayed almost the same until Middle 2018. Sometimes I felt more interested on her, other time less interested. Until something pretty unconventional happened. We back to exchange looks while walking on the school, so I became pretty unsure.

A few months later, things became serious. I didn't knew what totally happened until Audrey told me.

he just ended to have the science class and while talking to her teacher, he asked if Audrey would like to meet a nice guy. Most of Audrey's friends already had/have a boyfriends, and just her was alone, so immediately she accepted.

Her teacher (Which also was the Christopher's teacher), brought her to the Christopher's class (Which was only one grade above her), there the teacher called me, and told me to introduce to Audrey. I felt more comfortable different from the first time, so I told my name, and a few things I liked, and she decided to talk better at the school break

And there we were, we talked about music and a few other things we like, and we stayed unite until nowadays. 

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