Company People and Profit

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People make Company. They own the Brand and scale new heights of Glory..

It is said that the asset performance or delinquency is indirectly linked to employee related non disclosure(s), or, flamboyant presentation suppressing triggers of discomfort.

Here are the current revelations of the IDBI Bank fraudulent loans.

Extracts of the news attracting our points of interest: IDBI BankLtd said ....fraudulent loans of 7.72 billion rupees ($118.8 million) were issued from five of its branches ........ Some of the loans, which were issued during fiscal years 2009-2013 for....businesses, were obtained against fake lease documents ....and by inflating the value of collateral, the company said. The company found major lapses in processing and disbursing the loans... its officials.

Thus, I would choose to say that a Company is always good provided we own the Brand and scale it to new heights, circumscribed by its principles and procedures, in the greater interest of the shareholders. And vice versa, making losses by being involved in vested interest, ruins/retards the growth.

For me to sum up, generation of profits lures in investment. And a corollary from the whole episode, is that, our views shouldn't run athwart and we, thus end up at cross purposes.

Submitted: March 29, 2018

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