The 7 Stones of Merkendal

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These are hard times for Jack Jonson and Elizabeth Hardstrand. as the start of their 6th grade year at Walter Elementary, these unsuspecting kids, who barely know each other, run into each other in
the forest adjacent to their town. they are unwillingly transported back in time to the land of Merkendal in the medieval times. they learn of a dark wizard by the name of Murdith taking over. It
is up to Jack and Elizabeth to save the 7 Kingdoms of Merkendal and get home. The problem is, the only way home is through the 7 Stones of Merkendal, a set of lost magical stones embedded with deep
ancient magic. These stones are guarded by ugly green ogres, terrifying minotaurs and mutants, and even dragons. The fate of all Merkendal rests on there shoulders. Will Meredith win and will
Merkendal fall? Will Jack and Elizabeth make it home? Will they ever see there friends and family again? Read to find out more about the exciting quests of Jack and Elizabeth.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

On the deserted beaches of California lay a 11 year old boy. He had tannned skin and dark shaggy hair that contrasted with th... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Everyone sat down at the table and waited anxiously for their serving of beef stew. Mrs. Jonson got her serving first, after her was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Elizabeth stepped outside the front door of her house, walking down the front steps while simultaneously pulling a coat on... Read Chapter