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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Liverpool Poets

things start... things end...renewal and regret... realization and reflection...love and love lost and love remenbered

Table of Contents

small beautiful things

small beautiful things you walk i walk we walk me with your daughters hand in mine you with our child in you smal... Read Chapter

and always the sea

and always the sea and always the sea waits painted blue grey memory i drift beneath the endless black and stars Pret... Read Chapter

Bite The Bight

Bite The Bight Sink my teeth into this Tumbling Gold into Sapphire fire pounding Thinking of another morning filled with daff... Read Chapter

Throw My Life

Throw My Life Throw my life against the Ocean Batter me back to shore buy me a drink sweet thing and i will tell you a word, ... Read Chapter

Become a Shadow

Become a Shadow Become a shadow she said , slip silently through my heart and leave no trace  grow in secret Breath.... Read Chapter

Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken The old door swung through heated molasses air and  yellow was the dress i think Calamity... Read Chapter


Grieve You grieve because you have lost a thing you never pocessed you grieve to be as one with others who grieve to be as on... Read Chapter

When the Fire Hits the Sea

When the Fire Hits the Sea You will find me if desire finds you waiting  you can see me when wanting burns sensibilities to ... Read Chapter

Tear the Dress

Tear the Dress Rip the memory from my eager head and show it like an ancient oddity  Cleave the land Corinth and let the sea... Read Chapter


Porcelain  breakable and gentle   features yearn stretch out to touch  something falling  was it ... Read Chapter


Frequency Feel the noise, Live the chaos. You love this. Beautiful days, I will meet you and we will know Laugh at us now. ... Read Chapter

Maybe Trapped

Maybe Trapped Are you trapped on this earth it feels to cruel to be random and sometimes so so lovely. Fall gentl... Read Chapter

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