Inside my head

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A scientist founds a way to take knowledge from other people

Submitted: March 30, 2018

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Submitted: March 30, 2018



In a not so distant future, lived an unordinary scientist. He was quite obsessed with knowledge. because with it he could help society. He worked on a prototype that would let him "borrow" knowledge from other people. One day he completed it. Hooray- he yelled, as he thought "eureka" was overused. Firstly he used it on his house cat, Mittens. After that the cat died, and he didnt get much knowledge from it, but he did gain cravings for fish food and sleeping more. At first he was struck by the death of his cat, but then he started debating himself : I can try, and lose endless hours on removing this side effect, or i could sacrfice some people for the sake of the greater good. What is a few lives, compared to helping millions.
So after stuyding a few cases of "perfect crimes" he started doing it. His first victim was a local neuroscientist. He ended his life humanly, and collected his knowledge. While he was doing it, his assistent came by, and he killed him too. Although this death was more brutal, as he had to chase him, he still had the greater good in mind. He started thinking about ALS, about the strenght of a mind, and in 2 weeks, he made a cure for it, a series of treatment to strenghten a mind of patient.
As time flew, so did his victim count. He took knowledge from anyone he could come across, stundents, proffesors, scientists, psychiologists..., anyone who had accumulated any amount of knowledge. With all the things he knew, police never had any evidence. He still continued working on helping scoiety. He cured lots of diseases, built a perpetuum mobile machine by combining it with Escherian stairwell and the curvature of the Earth.
But all was not well, as he accumulated so much knowledge he took a part of those people with him, and now he constatnly heard people telling him what to do, judging him, waking him in the middle of the night, taking turns yelling so he could not do anything. At his acceptance speech for one of his awards, one of his victims took over. He took out his reproductive organ and started urinating on the prize while claiming it was beneath his dignity.
He could not take it any further, 41 people, including him was too much. So he went to the top of his building and jumped. While he was falling, his cat instics kicked in, so he started relaxing to reduce his acceleration, position himself to land on his feet and grabbed anything he could. He survived the fall but  ended in a coma. Even though his body was inactive, his brain lived on, and so did all the people inside it, tormenting him all the time for the things he had done.

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