Nursery Crimes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Inspired by 'A-Tisket, A-Tasket'.

Chapter 24 (v.1) - An Assignation

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



A-Tisket, A-Tasket,

A green and yellow basket,

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it.


I dropped it, I dropped it,

And on the way I dropped it,

A little boy picked it up

And put it in his pocket.


An Assignation.

Patricia Lawson carefully wrote out the note on gently scented paper. Her writing was beautiful, perfect for just those few short lines. Where to meet and when, there was not much more that needed saying, not until she met up with Jack and they could make their plans together.

It was a small piece of paper, made smaller by the meticulously neat way Patricia folded it. By the time she had finished it was no more than an inch in size; perfect to discretely be passed from one hand to another. Not only that but it fit snugly in her pocket so there would be absolutely no need for any explanations.

“I’m just going out for a walk in to town,” she called, not waiting for an answer from either of her parents.

It wasn’t a long walk, quite pleasant in the sun with the cooling breeze. Her jacket caught the wind several times but she left it undone as she was not cold. The park loomed in front of her. How she loved the place! Maybe that was why she picked it as the spot for Jack to meet her that evening. There was the fact that it was not too far for either of them, too.

She walked through the park, smiling at the mothers who were watching their children, looking with envy at the lovers who sat on benches, embracing, talking....but soon she would be sitting on one of these very benches with Jack.

And there he was! She could see him in the distance so she picked up her pace. Thrusting her hand in to her pocket to retrieve the note she could not find it. Trying all her pockets now, she realized that it must be gone, blown in the wind to who knows where by now. So much effort put in to making it so inviting; never mind, if she rushed she’d be able to whisper the message to him instead.

Invitation given, she walked back home. As near as she could, she retraced her steps, looking here and there for any sign of that small piece of paper. She held little hope of finding it. More than likely it had been blown under a bush or in to the river by now. Giving up the search she pushed it from her mind.

That somebody might have picked up the note never occurred to her, or she might have thought to change the time or the place of that meeting. On the other hand, who else would be interested?

Patricia spent some time on getting ready. She wanted to look beautiful, irresistible, but not so much so that her parents would become curious. They did not approve of Jack, after all. She went for the comfortable and understated look, using the same scent that she had used on the note.

It was still warm and just starting to get dark when Patricia let herself out of the house and headed towards the park. She’d be there a bit early, perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, but that was good. She could enjoy the anticipation and watch for Jack's arrival.

Sitting carefully on the suggested bench, Patricia took in a deep breath, let her head drop backwards and closed her eyes. She barely registered that someone had walked up behind her, not until the scented note was held under her nose. She looked up.

“Daniel? What are you doing here?” She tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice. She and Daniel had broken up a long while ago; she barely gave him a thought these days, and she presumed it was the same for him.

“Well, Pat, I found your invite and couldn’t resist. You know you belong with me, not with some other guy called Jack.”

He was crazy. He had to be. “Look, Dan, we’ve been finished for a long time. I don’t love you, and you most certainly do not love me. So please, will you just go.”

The smile was more threatening than any scowl could have been, especially when Daniel pulled a small revolver from his pocket and pointed it in her direction. “Get up, Patricia and go where I tell you. Any sudden movements and I’ll shoot.”

“But why?”

“Because,” Daniel said, openly sneering now, “I said so. And I want.....Jack to know how it feels to be dumped by such an uncaring bitch as you.”

“That’s not fair, Dan. I was never uncaring. We just weren’t right for each other. You agreed.” Patricia was becoming scared. There was something seriously wrong.

Daniel motioned her to get behind a bush from which the bench was in perfect view. “One sound, one movement, and I’ll shoot him in front of you, then blow your head off. Do you understand?”

What could she do, other than nod?

Jack arrived just before the appointed time, took a seat and checked his phone. He’d not have long to wait. The minutes ticked past and there was no sign of Patricia. Had he got it wrong? The bench? The time? The park, even? He sat there for half an hour, becoming more and more dejected before standing up to walk away.


A voice called out and Jack turned. There was a guy with a gun pulled on Patricia. “Who are you? What.....?”

“Me?” The man gave a nasty smile. “I’m your death,” he said, and pulled the trigger.

Jack fell to the ground and Patricia broke free, running in his direction. She dropped to the ground but it was clear that Jack was already dead.

“Hey, Patricia!” Daniel’s voice was teasing, playful; he had to be completely insane. “You’re all alone now,” and having said that, he put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger.

Patricia screamed and screamed, and was still screaming half an hour later when the police showed up. All for the sake of a simple dropped note that found its way in to just the worst possible pair of hands.



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