Nursery Crimes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Inspired by 'Jack and Jill'.

Chapter 30 (v.1) - Amnesia

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018




Jack and Jill


Went up the hill


To fetch a pail of water.


Jack fell down


And broke his crown,


And Jill came tumbling after.



Up Jack got


And home did trot,


As fast as he could caper.


He went to bed,


and wrapped his head


With vinegar and brown paper.





Jack Hargreaves and Jill Dodds had been working as partners on the case for a long time. A string of unsolved murders, with hardly any clues was making them frustrated, clouding their judgement.


Jack took the call.


“You have information?”


“Why should we believe you?”


“Well, yeah, I guess we’d better meet, but somewhere out in the open.”


“What? You’re kidding right? I didn’t mean that sort of ‘out in the open’.”


“If that’s the only place then we’ll have to, I guess. You’ll be alone?”


“Today, 4pm. There will be two of us. That’s right, me and my partner.”


“We’ll be there.”


When Jack put his phone back into his pocket, Jill turned to him. “A tip-off?”


Jack shrugged. “So he says but whether it’s genuine....?”


There was clearly something about the whole thing that was bothering him. “He wants to meet at the old well.”


Jill looked at the floor, studied her feet for a minute. “A bit of an odd place, all right, but we can’t chance losing any leads. Can we? I mean, look at it; we’re getting nowhere.”


“Make sure you take a weapon, okay, Jill. I don’t trust this guy for a moment.”


“Should we log it in? Say where and when?”


Jack shook his head. “If we’re going to get there at 4, we’ve not got time.”


The well was way out of town. There was no road to the well, but a big steep and rocky hill to climb. Jack led the way and Jill struggled to keep up. She felt tense and uneasy; something wasn’t right but she could not put her finger on what. She did not want to fall behind in case someone crept up from behind.


As they neared the top there was a figure visible. The light was behind him, making his features obscure; a shadow looming beside the well. Jill’s sense of foreboding increased but they could hardly turn around and walk away now. Not when there was a chance of getting a clue to find the murderer.


Jack was almost there now. She heard him start to speak before he fell backwards, hit or pushed, and tumbled in to her. She lost her footing fell with a crash and rolled until her head collided with a rock.


Pain! That was all Jack was aware of when he regained consciousness. He must have fallen, hit his head hard. He had no idea where he was or of what he was doing there. For a moment he lay still, not convinced that he would be able to move at all.


Slowly he pushed himself to a sitting position. The world spun around him and he vomited violently. Where the hell was he?


There was a car further down the hill. He had keys in his pocket that looked like car keys; it was worth a try – if he could just get to it. Staggering down the hill, it took him a while but he was beside the car at last. Not only that but the key fit the door and the ignition. That could only mean the car he was now sitting in was his.


Jack started the engine, stalled once before managing to pull away. He drove slowly, carefully. He had no clear idea of where he was going but seemed to make his way back home automatically. Once again, he found he had the right key to let himself inside. With no energy to do anything else, he pulled the door closed behind himself and headed up stairs.


Even a quick glance in the mirror told him it was bad. There was a lot of blood, mostly dry by now. Jack seemed to remember hearing that head wounds were bleeders. The jagged cut was surrounded by a red and deep purple lump. He’d have to try to clean it up a bit, put some dressing on it. Logically he knew he should be going to the hospital, getting himself checked out. But for now all Jack wanted to do was to sleep. He made his way into his bedroom, flopped down on the bed and went out like a light.


The knocking noise woke him. It was not a gentle tap, but a commanding thud, and there was a voice accompanying it, too. “Police! Open up!”


Jack frowned. Police? Wasn’t he something to do with the police, an officer or a detective? If only he could get his mind to co-operate. Gingerly he put his feet to the carpeted floor then made his way down the stairs. Jack opened the door just in time to prevent it from falling in.


Two officers stood outside, the car waiting, door open, at the curb. “Jack Hargreaves?” One of the officer’s asked and Jack nodded, only to wish that he had answered with a verbal ‘Yes’.


“You are under arrest for the murder of Jill Dodds......”


The voice carried on talking but Jack was no longer listening. Jill Dodds? He should know that name, but from where, when. If only he could remember he might have a chance of proving that he was not a murderer. Or was he? Jack no longer knew.


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