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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic


Submitted: March 30, 2018

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Submitted: March 30, 2018








Darkness. It is the ultimate master of fear and holds the despicable creatures who can hide in the deep shadows until you are at your most vulnerable. But not only can they hide in shadows, they can creep silently behind you and disappear if you glance over your shoulder are look in a mirror. But worst of all they hide in plain sight or under your bed, in your closet and their favourite place, in the back seat of your car, crouched down low, salivatating at the prospect of strangling the life from your body.


Over in the corner of the bar you decided to stop in for a bite and a drink there sits a person to well shadowed and concealed to tell if it is a man or woman. But I ask, what does it matter if that creepy figure frightens you no matter the gender. You can sense, even at a distance, the hate welling in its heart.

So you linger as long as you can, eating slowly, sipping first one drink, then another and another until you realize your have taken too much alcohol to return to your car and drive.


Nothing you can possibly think of is going to help you get rid of that creepy shadow save telling the bartender you are worried about the stranger in the corner who has been watching you since you entered the bar. He replies. “What exactly do you suggest I do?”

Unfortunately since the shadowy character has not actual done anything you realize the bar tender’s question had a legitimate base.

“Just call me a taxi if you would.” You say after a moment.

“There is always one just outside the door. It’ll be faster than calling one in.” The bartender advises.


As you prepare to leave you notice the suspicious person who has been watching you for two hours is gone. Nowhere in sight. You are not sure whether you should be relieved or even more frightened. But what can you do.

So you start for the door, watching ahead, to the left and right and over your shoulder but still you cannot pick out your stalker.

“But why would anyone want to stalk you. Maybe you are just being paranoid because you have been reading too many murder mysteries and news columns about people being mugged and murdered or murdered in their beds.


Laughing a little at yourself you leave the bar. It was daylight when you went in but now it’s dark, except for the neon glow of signs and the pink street lamps over head. Your car is 4 blocks away in a parkade and by the time you walk there the effects of the drinks will have worn off enough for you to drive. Or so you believe. But the responsible you decides not to take that chance. So you climb into the taxi waiting at the curb side and request the drive to take you home, giving out your address.


Down the street only three blocks the traffic comes to a standstill. You ask the driver if he can see what the holdup is but he can’t see past the seven or eight cars ahead of him. After several minutes you decide to walk to your car and drive home after all. You pay the cabbie twenty dollars and exit the taxi. Your car now is only one block away, which is good and you feel completely clear headed. Besides, the cool crisp autumn air is a treat after the stuffiness of the bar. And when you look around, just in case, there is no sign of the creepy, shadowy stalker from the bar.


Have you ever had that moment when you know the decision you just made was the worst one of your life.

First you discover that the parkade you went to is not the same one where you parked your car and you realize it is eight blocks away in the other direction. Now it is beginning to rain and you are all alone in the night and as you make your way back to the street, down the way you see it. The shadow that lurked in the corner of the bar that spend the entire time watching you.

Fear rips through your heart and you want to run. But where. The stalker stands between you and your car.


At the last minute you decide that your best bet is to go forward and not let the stalker, who might not be a stalker at all. Get in your way. As you take those first brave steps you convince yourself it’s all in your head….again. And, in keeping with that decision the shadow moves away as you get closer, then it turns and runs off into the glimmer of the neon lights and hopefully harmless oblivion.

Two blocks later you are feeling almost safe, relieved and confident you will make it to your car so you can drive home.


Random thoughts chase each other through your mind. Supper. Laundry. Phone calls. Your shoes are clumping against the concrete sidewalk. You are feeling an urgency that has come out of nowhere and suddenly you sense it. The Shadow. Its back and this time it is, Stalking You. It is keeping your pace step for step, going faster, then slower.

But your car is only half a block away now. If you run you could be there in under a minute, inside with the door locked and the car running, ready to drive away before the creepy shadow caught up to you. Make a dash and take it by surprise.


Run for your life. It is running after you, faster than you but you have the head start and your car is right there a few steps away.

Now the lock clicks. You open the door and you are inside and relocking the door. When you look around the stalker is nowhere in sight and a sigh of relief escapes your lips.

Key the ignition and the engine starts with a rush and settles into a purr. But you feel it. You are not alone.


You scream. A hand muffles your scream. The softest voice you have ever heard tells you to drive. Go home. “We want you to go home.”

We. The word echoes menacingly in your mind. More than one. One to herd the other to…what…what were they planning to do to you?

You follow orders, put the car in gear and start driving, out of the parkade, turn left and go straight until you are at the edge of the city. And not far ahead now you can see your home, an apartment building 22 stories tall. Home is on the 11th floor. But you may never see it again, or if you do what fate awaits you.


Rushing home suddenly doesn’t seem like a good idea any more. If you keep driving nothing is going to happen. If you go faster maybe a cop will see you and pull you over. Yes. What a great idea. Go faster and faster. Your foot pushes the gas pedal and the car speeds up. 90, a hundred, a hundred and ten. A maximum speed sign says you should only be going 80. You speed up to 130, as fast as the car will go. Up ahead there is a sharp corner. You will have to slow down to make it, or crash and kill yourself trying to save yourself.


Out the rear window you see exactly what you wanted. Flashing police lights and there, just on the edge of your hearing range a siren begins to wail.

You start to slow down but then the stalker touches your shoulder and whispers menacingly. Don’t stop. If you do your life will be over.”

“Sure. Right. If I don’t stop you are going to kill me.”

“No I am your friend. Not your enemy. Keep going. I beg you.”

“You lie. You just don’t want the police catching you.” You accuse bravely.

“You are wrong, but stop if you must. Maybe it will come out good.”


Before you come to a complete stop the police car pulls out and goes around you. It was not you they were interested in. Your heart sinks and fear takes the place of hope. But as you begin to speed up again bright lights glare in your rear view mirror. Your back seat passenger cries out but it’s too late. You hear metal crushing metal and the screech of tires on the road. Your breath rushes past your lips, expelled with a dreadful force. Then suddenly you are free. You are standing on the side of the road, unharmed. Your passenger is now holding you close with a warmth you have never know. A dozen yards away two cars are engulfed in flame and someone is screaming. You faint.


“Even if you had not stopped things would have worked out this way.” The voice came from the shadow holding you in its arms. “You were lucky to survive but your luck will prove bitter in the end. Some one really was trying to kill you, but it was not me. It was the driver in the car that hit you. That person, that shadow you were so frightened of wanted you dead.” The voice whispered on, then she was standing alone. Police and ambulances began to arrive. You are leaning heavily against a lamp post when a police officer approaches you.


Roaring in your ears.

“Are you hurt.” She asks.

“No. I was saved by…by…. You look around but there is only you. “I got thrown from the car. The other driver tried to run me off the road. I don’t know why or who it is.” You reply.

“Have you been drinking?”

“Hours ago.”

“I can still smell it.” The cop tells you.

“Oh. Well. I am sober.”

“You will have to take a breathalyzers.”


“You blow clean. You are safe.”

The police move away and now your shadow friend has returned.

“Time to go home.”


There’s only a few yards between you and the entrance to your apartment building. No one seems to care whether you are there or not. Then you look around and you are alone. No crashed cars, no police, no shadowy friend. It seemed like everything you thought you had experienced had been a dream, well, a nightmare. A waking nightmare but there is something really interesting about the story that if you were to look very, very close, examine every word you would discover what the story is really about.

Maybe you have to go back to the beginning and start again.


So there it is. You are sitting there reading this last mini chapter, cursing me upside down and backwards and I don’t blame you. But when you figure this story out you are going to roll your eyes and say, how could I have possible missed the clue that tells me the secret of this sorry by Donald Harry Roberts.

TTFN…Hope you figure it out!!!!



© Copyright 2020 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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