It is not an accident, don't be misled by hokum of alleged authoritarian bureaucracy....

A story I’ve created (or am in the process of creating) is called Slough, Helen’s Antiquity. It’s about a man in his forties named Tweed Becker who is haunted by a disturbing past that he doesn’t like to talk about. He travels to a little backwater seafood village on the swampy Gulf coast of Florida to help a young plantation heiress named Helen unravel the riddle of a mysterious birthmark on her arm.

People have been disappearing without explanation from the terrorized village which lies at the gloomy fringe of legendary and much feared Tate’s Hell swamp. One night in his room at the Whispering Palms motor lodge Helen is shocked to witness Tweed’s head suddenly jerk way back with his eyes and mouth gaping horribly open while his fingers fly across the keyboard of his notebook computer during an inexplicable alien episode of automatic writing which produces the following enigmatic message on the blank page of his word processor:

I have recently discovered an eerie paranormal connection between code-name Castle Bravo (the March 1, 1954 detonation of a 15 megaton high-yield thermonuclear weapon at the Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands group in the central Pacific) and a disturbing conspiracy film released in theaters two decades later in 1974. I shall begin outlining the ghostly interrelations between these apparently widely disparate history-making events.

The disconcerting nature of the conspiracy film The Parallax View is made an even deeper darker mystery when considering the fact that in the plot (in the wake of a political assassination) a board of congressmen or special hearing committee announces that the findings of 9 weeks of investigation into the assassination will be released to the public on March 1 which is the same calendar day as the detonation of the hydrogen bomb code-named Castle Bravo at the Bikini atoll.

There are 7 days in a week, so that 9 weeks equals 63 days. The film reveals insidious mind control techniques used to create unwitting assassins (Manchurian Candidates) and is a direct rebuttal of the so-called Lone Gunman theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I have reasons for concluding the assassination was faked by the CIA, yet I will address that matter in another exposition. At the moment I want to focus on the eerie connections between the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini and The Parallax View. President Kennedy was allegedly assassinated November 22, 1963. The Parallax View was released in theaters in 1974. 6+3 = 9 , , 7+4 = 11, so that encoded numerology style (like a Knights Templar conspiracy) is the rather obviously significant numerical phrase 911.

Considering the numerals of the year 1954 we see that 5+4 = 9 and that 1963-1954 = 9. November is month 11 of the year. In “Dealey Plaza” (where Kennedy’s alleged assassination transpired) there are 11 letters. There are eleven letters in “Castle Bravo”. The Castle Bravo bomb was 15 megatons. There are 15 letters in the film title “The Parallax View”.

The star of the film, Warren Beatty, had the birth name Warren Beaty - there are 11 letters in that birth name. He was born in 1937 and he was 37 years of age when he played the starring role in The Parallax View. 3+7 = 10. President Kennedy was 46 when he was allegedly assassinated. 4+6 = 10. President Kennedy was born May 29, 1917. 29+17 = 46.

In the name “President John Fitzgerald Kennedy” there are thirty letters. There are thirty days in the month of November.

After further study, I shall add to this shocking list of paranormal connections. It cannot possibly be coincidence. The odds against this being mere happenstance are astronomical.

Submitted: March 31, 2018

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Intriguing indeed!
Will look forward to see what you come up with.

Sat, March 31st, 2018 8:51am


Thank you so very, very much oh great and honorable Celtic-Scribe63! I am truly sincerely grateful for your encouraging compliments! It is of paranormal note that thou hast the eerie numeral 63 in thine own name! Fantastic! Great Minds really do think alike!
I shall peruse your scripts my new friend in the literary Quest of Secrets to compliment you in the spirit of that divine counsel with which thou hast generously inspired me!
As soon as I have accumulated further haunting clues and evidence of the foreboding otherworldly conspiracy, I shall publish my shocking findings with the title They Are Watching II
Thanks again, Celtic-Scribe63!

Sat, March 31st, 2018 9:18am

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