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Opening scene: Itsuki is at work, he's the only one there and its very late at night. He's dilligently working on the programming on a new Mmorpg called SwordsN'Shields, he's jsut finishing up some final toucheds before he tests it one last time before he goes home. His sister, Naname just sent him a text. "Big brother. When are you coming home? I made dinner for you but it's going to be cold". He replies, "I'm sorry Naname, I'm held up at work. Just put it in the fridge, head home and I'll see you tomorrow. Then a flash of purple light goes across his computer screen, he looks at the moniter thinking he saw something but noithings there. The game starts up and he messes with it for a little while and then comes to a part where his character starts glitching out. Itsuki stops the game, or at least tries to, but nothing happens. Then, his computer completely shuts off and wont turn back on. "I hope my work saved, stupid ancient computers, they really need new equipment". Itsuki gets up, puts his coat on and starts heading towards the elevator and heads home. He arrives home, his apartment is only a few blocks from his office so it only took him a few minutes to get there. He unlocks his door and takes his shoes off, heads towards the fridge and sees Naname made his favorite: curry. Ther's a note on top of the plate. "Big brother, I made your favorite. Im sad I didnt get to see you today. Love- your little sister. He then heats up the curry, eats it, watches some tv and then goes to bed. The next morning, Naname lets herself in and tries waking up her brother. "Big brother, time to wake up. It's Saturday, no work today, I'm going to make breakfast". "Hmm? Naname?" Him being half- asleep and then falls back asleep for a few minutes then wakes up fully from smelling bacon. Itsuki walks into the kitchen and sees his sister making breakfast. "Good morning Naname". "Oh! good morning big brother! How'd you sleep?" "I slept pretty ok I guess thanks. So, whats for breakfast?" He asks. " I made bacon, eggs and toast" She replies. " I hope your hungry" She says with a huge smile on her face, she then dishes up food for her and her brother and they eat their breakfast and Itsuki does up the dishes. "Thanks for breakfast! It was delicious!" " You're ever so welcome big brother! Im glad you enjoyed it". She says with a huge smile on her face. "Ya know big brother, I figured we'd do something fun today". "Oh yeah? Like what?" Itsuki asks. "I was thinking maybe the aquarium. You should text Tadashi, Haruko, and Megumi and see if any of them want to come along". "Ok I will" Itsuki replies. He texts his friends and asks if any of them want to go. In between texting, his phone gets a strange purple-ish glow that almost looks like electricity come across his screen. "Huh? what the heck? Stupid phones acting up ever since last night. Tadashi's busy, but Haruko and Megumi says they can meet up later" Naname replies "Oh awesome! Today's gonna be a great day". They get their stuff together and start heading to the train station. The aquaruim they're going to happend to be in tokyo so, they need to take a short train ride to get there. They board the train and sit, Itsuki's phone starts vibrating, so he opens it up and looks at it. Yet again, there's another flash of purple lightning across the screen again so he decides to turn it off. "So, big brother... how's your game coming along? I can't wait to play it" "It's coming along" Itsuki replies, "Had some issues with it last night and i dont know if it saved or not". "That stinks" She says with a pouty face "I really want to play it". They meet up with Megumi and Haruko and have a great time at the aquaruim then they part ways and all go home. Monday morning comes and Itsuki starts heading to work, he gets to his work office and starts working on the programming again. After a couple of hours he gets to put the finishing touches on the game and sends a copy to each Tadashi, Haruko and Megumi to all try the game, as he promised them they would be the first to play. Each of them make their characters and log on. They meet up in game and start the voice chat. Then, each of their coumputers starts flashing with the same purple lightning that Itsuki's been seeing. All of them are transoprted through their computers and end up inside of the game as their characters. Each of them confused and equally scared of what's going to happen to them. Little do they know... They're all about to take part in an epic and dangerous war between 5 nations and try to bring peace to the land.. This is the tale of...SwordsN'Shields.

Submitted: March 31, 2018

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