An American Demon Hunter: Payback's Hell

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Today is the first day of the apocalypse. My name is Erza, friend, and I've a score to settle with the Earth. I've found something, and my luck has turned around. Jen is crazy, but those fiends
won't know what hit them.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Part 1 Of The First Draft She laid there, bleeding. I had taken it she was almost dead. She smiled, the blood staining her dark cloth... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Part 2 Of The First Draft “Eat fiends, do you?” What a rare talent. It's not unlike my own speciality, but I can't live off o... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Part 3 Of The First Draft Isiasha stepped inside, herself dressed and covered almost completely beneath a traditional robe and coveri... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Part 4 Of The First Draft She didn't seem as if she'd take no for an answer. Besides that, I could really use a walk around the block... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Part 5 Of The First Draft We had been drinking for hours. The funny part is that I was enjoying it. In all my god-forsakened years, I... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Part 6 Of The First Draft We strolled through the neighborhood, it being warped and flipped upside-down as always. Jen laughed quietl... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Part 7 Of The First Draft Jen relaxed, and sat back, reclining completely against the chair. She looked down the hall of my den, and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Part 8 Of The First Draft Once again, we found ourselves shopping, buying Jen more things from the mall, where all the people sat the... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Part 9 Of The First Draft Jen had to dig where it hurt. It didn't matter who would ask, it still would be painful. Jen, especially, i... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Part 10 Of The First Draft We left the house, opting to walk. Jen wasn't used to it. She had always relied on teleportation, which wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Part 11 Of The First Draft It’s official. Now Jen knows I'm more than a demon hunter. She fully realizes that I have the ability to... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Part 12 of the first draft Jen’s endearments rang through my head. “Partners...” Daria would be...happy. I always sense... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Part 13 of the first draft It was late enough. Jen grabbed my hand, and said, “Off we go.” She brought us to the pawn sto... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Part 14 Of The First Draft As each movie passed by, Jen gripped at me as the scary parts of the movie rolled. Jen is a cannibalistic ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Part 15 Of The First Draft The dark night was enchanting. Even though I couldn't fully embrace it here in my den, I still felt it swa... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Part 16 of the first draft Her question was one that I clearly knew the answer to. As I sat next to her, the memories of the past thr... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Part 17 of the first draft The morning continued on, as I had a considerable amount of alcohol. Jen had quite a few drinks, too, but ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Part 18 of the first draft Shockingly, I did not feel any temptation to vomit after consuming the blood that once had belonged to a h... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Part 19 of the first draft Her eyes were both full of love and passion. Whatever Jen was feeling right now, it was intense, like fire... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Part 20 of the first draft This was the greatest experience I have ever felt. I'm not talking about becoming a vampire, nor the fact ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Part 21 of the first draft We didn't dare stir. We have forever to hunt. In the back of my mind, I thought of what the council would ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Part 22 of the first draft Neither of us budged from the bed. I struggled to count the fiends we've killed since Jen came into my lif... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Part 23 of the first draft “Where to feed, where to feed?” Jen said to herself, perplexed. I thought of somewhere that would ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Part 24 of the first draft As we rolled to our opposites end of the bed, I felt as if all of my tension was relieved, and my thoughts... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Part 25 of the first draft She looked good in this light. The darker, the better, as her pale skin seemed to glow in the dark. As Jen... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Part 26 of the first draft Her sanguine affection felt good. In some ways, it's better than sex. My body tingles and convulses every ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Part 27 of the first draft They were lined up all the way into the parking lot, many fat bastards waiting to eat their fill. Jen scan... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Part 28 of the first draft Wherever I go, Jen has made it perfectly clear that she will follow me. Daria was much the same way, but s... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Part 29 of the first draft As we rolled over in the bed, we literally had to fight off temptation, each of us not able to get enough ... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Part 30 of the first draft The night drew near, and we prepared, dressed all in black. The moon appeared in the sky, stars surroundin... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Part 31 of the first draft Jen smiled as the moonlight spilled through the curtains. Her pale skin seemed to glow at night, making he... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Part 32 of the first draft She poured herself a healthy glass of brandy, it's intoxicating aroma bested only by hers. She tasted it, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Part 33 of the first draft She laid her hands on my chest, and she teleported us to what seemed like another plane. In the middle sto... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Part 34 of the first draft We were both excited about our...plans. We could hardly keep our hands off each other. Is this temptation?... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Part 35 of the first draft She definitely knows how to keep me on my toes. What started as a quiet evening turned into an explicit gr... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Part 36 of the first draft Jen asked me, as she got up, “Will the world ever accept Jen?” I answered her, the moment remi... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Part 37 of the first draft Will Spokane become Armageddon, the place for the final battle between angels and demons? I don't know for... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Part 38 of the first draft Jen seemed shaken by what was written in the notebook we retrieved from the house that now is in ruins. Fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Part 39 of the first draft We rested for the day, knowing that our bodies could not withstand the wrath of the sun. Even though I am ... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Part 40 of the first draft I realized her pleas, too. All of this loveplay has made me seriously famished. I said, not wasting any ti... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Part 41 of the first draft There was nothing left we could do here. We checked over the house, not finding anything that can help us ... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Part 42 of the first draft Her pain has been visible for years. Not the kind that physically hurts you, but the kind that makes you w... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Part 43 of the first draft Jen grabbed me, as her excitement filled her. She asked me, “Does saint know somewhere trashy?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Part 44 of the first draft Jen got us out of the trashed apartment, leaving the drug dealer's body next to the woman that had origina... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Part 45 of the first draft Jen brought us home, and I sank down onto the couch, racking my brain for the answer we need. Out of all o... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Part 46 of the first draft We sat there, reluctant to hunt. She had blown my mind with her passionate love play. The pleasure she sto... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Part 47 of the first draft Jen wasn't the one to be denied. Her body has such control over me, and when she is in the mood, I feel as... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Part 48 of the first draft Her feelings were mutual. She's helped me realize what an escape sex really is. With her, it's never dirty... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Part 49 of the first draft Now that I have fully experienced Jen’s company, I knew that I never wanted to be apart from her again. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Part 50 of the first draft As I lay here with Jen, I found my mind wandering away. We held each close, and I imagined what might have... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Part 51 of the first draft Jen was alert as we started to scan the area. This alley was no more than a few blocks from my den. She se... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Part 52 of the first draft Despite our personal triumphs, we were fighting against time. It won't be long before June comes, and we n... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Part 53 of the first draft Jen had already gotten up. She handed me a glass of her signature red wine, which I took from her, gladly.... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Part 54 of the first draft She strategically worked her legs against me, fully enjoying the coil she had made. She kissed me, over an... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

Part 55 of the first draft She tugged at my pants, and kept laughing. I haven't seen Jen this loose in awhile. Since she brought me f... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

Part 56 of the first draft She smiled, eliminating some of the intensity involved with what was to come. Within the blink of an eye, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

Part 57 of the first draft There was no way I could disagree with her. Jen, in all of her dominance, was more than I could ever ask f... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

Part 58 of the first draft Jen grabbed one of the bottles from the brown paper bag we brought them home in, and held it up to where h... Read Chapter

Chapter 59

Part 59 of the first draft One thing did strike me as rather odd. This man had been right there, as if at random when we arrived down... Read Chapter

Chapter 60

Part 60 of the first draft We hurried out of our clothes, my former near fatal wound’s pain being nearly gone. Jen dashed to the be... Read Chapter

Chapter 61

Part 61 of the first draft The night gave birth to many of my thoughts as I rose from my quiet sleep. Isiasha comes over when she wan... Read Chapter

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