The Magic Dice

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A girl finds magic dice, but later, she'll wish she hadn't.

I picked up a green dice as I was stolling through Walmart with my mom. We came to Walmart for winter supplies, and on a shelf, it was just sitting there. Whoa, this thing looks cool, I thought, picking it up. The die was small enough for my mom to not see it. It didn't have a price tag on it, so I assumed it wouldn't cause an alarm when leaving the store. And I was right. On the way home, I examined the die. It was very cool; it was green with white dots on each side, each dot was a different number. At home, I put the die in a small case, then went on with my day.


Today is Winter Break! I can't wait to sleep in late and watch movies while drinking hot cocoa. It's officially the first day, and school just got out. My friends, Melanie, Nathan, and Amber wanted to come over, so they walked with me to my house.

Walking through my house felt so good, because my mom had the heater on. You have NO idea how cold it is outside. Anyway, once me and my friends were all settled, we all went into my room. I decided now would be a good time to show them the dice I got from Walmart. 

Once we were in my room, I took the dice out of a tiny little box I had put it in, then I showed it to my friends. "Guys," I said, "Look what I found at Walmart the other day." I handed them the dice. 

"So? What's so great about a square with dots on it?" Nathan asked.

"It's no ordinary dice. I had this thing in my pocket last night, and I wished that I could have more turkey. And then out of nowhere, a piece of turkey magically appeared on my plate. Then at school, it was in my desk, after we finished taking a test. And I wished that I'll get good grades until Winter Break, and boom! I got a hundred on my last few tests," I explained.

"Whoa..." Amber and Melanie said.

After I explained that to them, all they wanted to do was be around it, that whole time they were here. We watched movies, I popped some popcorn and made hot cocoa, and all the while I was gone, I'm pretty sure they were hovering over the dice.

When I came back into my room after using the bathroom, I had an idea. When I went into my room, I said, "Guys, why don't you make a wish with it?"

They all nodded and started fighting about who should make a wish first. Then they all agreed to let Melanie go first. "I wish," Melanie started, "I wish that the new Barbie doll would fall into my lap right now!" she said. Huh, never knew she liked Barbie dolls, I thought, sitting on my bed.

"I wish that the new game 2k18 would fall into my lap!" he wished. Not surprised when the 2k18 game fell into his lap. "Aw, nice!" he exclaimed, handing the dice to Amber.

 "I wish that Derrick Reese from school would text me and say that he's always had feelings for me, and that he does in real life, and we both have crushes on each other!" she wished. Wow, I never thought this suggestion would turn into something weird, I thought. As soon as Amber handed me back the die, she got a text from "Crush" with a bunch of heart emojis on it. He said that he had feelings for her and that they should start hanging out. "I told you guys. It's magical," I said, putting the die back in the box. 

"Wow, I can't believe there was a magic dice in Walmart that can grant wishes!" Melanie exclaimed. 

"Me neither. I wonder who left it," I replied, turning the TV off. "Alright, who wants to go make snow angels?" I suggested. 

"Me!" Melanie said.

"Sure," Nathan agreed.

"Why not?" said Amber.

While we were walking out my room to go get our gear, I got a text that read from "Unknown". The text read: "I know you have my dice. Give it back or there will be consequences!" 

Where did this text come from?

Is my brother pranking me? 

Did he get a new number? 

Who sent me this? 

Who else knows I have the dice? 

More importantly, whose dice is this?


















Submitted: March 31, 2018

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A really enjoyable read. Nice to see the friends coming up with some unexpected wishes, too.

Sun, April 1st, 2018 8:12pm

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