The magical frog prince

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There was a frog prince. Who was the frog prince of pond. and he had magic? There is an ancient book. Who saves the frog prince in his time?


Once upon a time there was a forest. In that forest there was a small pond. It lives many reptiles like fishes, crabs, and frogs in that small pond. All creatures love to each other. And love their owns. There daily life was happy with the rising of sun and its setting.

 There was a small frog prince. His mother and father was no more in this world. And there was a golden magic which was present at the wizard and frog prince. Frog prince was small child. So every creature of that pond likes to love the prince. There were many ancient books. Who like to love the magic of frog prince and wizard?

The days passed the wizard grew up in his height. And he becomes young. The frog prince also becomes young but his size was still small. This was not liked by wizard.

One day wizard came in the palace of frog prince with his magical stick. And ordered to small frog prince. “O’ frog prince you are young like me but your height is still small you are like a small child frog prince. So you cannot rule this pond. This pond is mine. And I am the only ruler of this pond.” Frog prince feared first. Then he said in his frog tone to wizard, “you don’t understand me. I am the frog prince of this pond. And I have the only right to rule this pond. You cannot ignore me.” Then the wizard became angry. He attacks on small frog prince. The small frog prince tolerated first. Then at last there is attacking of golden magic on both frog prince and wizard. As both of them were knowing the golden magic. But unfortunately the frog prince defeated in the war and wizard won the ruler of pond. And the wizard arrested the frog prince and sends him in to prison. All creature when knew this they also became slave of wizard. The wizard began ruling the pond.

  These things were not tolerated by the ancient book. Ancient book said, “both wizard and frog prince have the same golden magic. But the truth has been changed now. All creatures became the slave of wizard and now he is not a nice person. I am also the simple book with simple feeling. But I do not accept it. For I was the lover of frog prince. But now he is in prison. So I will leave this pond.” So ancient book hides herself inside the secret place of pond.

Frog prince also has the love of fairies. Fairies also know the frog prince. But there was a problem that fairies magic was not working in the pond. If the fairies spread own stardust with the help of magical stick. Then she will lose own power of magic. And it works outside the pond of jungle. But the frog prince was kept inside the pond in a prison. So many days passed no one helped the frog prince.

One day ancient book calls the bees of fairy land to help in release of frog prince.

  Bees return to own fairy land and the fairies retolded the message to ancient book and said to her, “only a special girl child will help the frog prince. If the fairies will give the power of stardust to small child after selecting the girl.”

It was winter time. The fog was all around the night. Sneha was sleeping in her bed. She is 9. Sneha has no mother. Only her father was there. He was sleeping in another room. Silently fairies came near girl’s bed from the window. And she saw the child. She was special with good soul. And fairies selected the girl and kept a magical letter of stardust for the moon. And she leaves her sleeping and flies from there.

And at morning her father was preparing for official duty. He was about to begin his journey for office.  Sneha woke up and gave the fairy letter to post her father. Her father was in hurry. So he kept the letter for post office. The letter was posted at post office. And one night the letter automatically came outside the post box and reaches in the hand of moon. Moon came upon her window. Sneha saw the moon. She was innocent. The moon talks to the Sneha. The moon had known the truth from the letter. So he gave one cat to Sneha as a gift. And he gave the magical power of stardust to write more and call anyone from the magical letter of stardust.

   The cat was knowing the problem of frog prince. For cat was the friend of moon and moon was the friend of fairies and fairies were the friend of frog prince.

  So undoubtedly the cat said everything to Sneha. And Sneha wrote a letter of stardust to frog prince. Cat took the letter and she reaches at the pond of frog prince. And she called the ancient book to send the message to call fairies from fairy land. Fairies came at the pond of jungle. And with the help of stardust of letter fairy freed the frog prince from the prison of wizard. And small frog prince began ruling the pond again.





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