Rebirth - Act 3 (Book 3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

After the events of Act 2, the Twins are lost, frightened and trapped by someone they long thought dead. Now, as their story begins to unfold, can the rest of the Crystallites find and rescue their
friends, or will their trip result in doom. As Alex and Anthony attempt to get over what happened, and Mason finds himself alone in a Cabin with someone he doesn't know how to trust, will anything
ever be the same again?

Table of Contents

She Who Knows

Act 3, Chapter 1: She Who Knows A Very Long Time Ago… The Phoenix sighed as she closed her book, the busy Citadel was bursting ... Read Chapter

Kiss Of Darkness

Act 3, Chapter 2: Kiss Of Darkness Liam stood watching as Maria and Joe seemingly argued about something in her office. He, Alex and ... Read Chapter

Evasive Manoeuvres

Act 3, Chapter 3: Evasive Manoeuvres Anthony jolted awake as the plane slightly swayed, his forehead sweating as he tried to shake aw... Read Chapter

Home Invasion

Act 3, Chapter 4: Home Invasion The basement door opened, and Brianna looked up to find Ayune wandering down the stairs. She tried to... Read Chapter

The Great Escape

Act 3, Chapter 5: The Great Escape The door creaked as Brianna stepped through it, carefully shutting it behind her. She knew Brittan... Read Chapter

On The Eve Of War

Act 3, Chapter 6: On the Eve of War Liam watched as the cold winters night continued to blow in strong. By the time everyone had disc... Read Chapter

The Choices We Make

Act 3, Chapter 7: The Choices We Make Anthony, arriving first to face his enemy, slammed into all three of them with such force he fi... Read Chapter


Act 3, Chapter 8: Brianna The snow crunched lightly under her foot as Brianna moved slowly through the forest. She was as quiet as a ... Read Chapter

The Cold

Act 3, Chapter 9: The Cold *One Day Later* Alex shivered as he woke up. His room was quiet. The only noise was the slight breeze ... Read Chapter


Act 3, Chapter 10: Whispers Crystillian Moving swiftly, he entered the chamber of Memories. Memory Crystals were so rare these da... Read Chapter

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