Strongest Woman I Knew

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We understand the real value of something when it is lost.

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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Submitted: April 01, 2018



Have you ever wondered how we realize that a relationship, a person or an object was so precious to us right after we lose it? I think about that a lot, almost 60% of my time is occupied by such thoughts and the rest must be about food. We fail to completely utilize a blessing. It all happens in phases. I remember when I bought my first cellphone, it was VERY dear to me because it was my own first “real people” electronic gadget. But with time that feeling of valuableness faded away. And just before changing it almost a month before, I regained the lost love for it. This is what us humans do, we don’t care about what’s in our hand and when we lose it, even though something better might be on our way, we end up devastated on what we have lost.

I have lost two precious things in my entire life, both I can’t have back again. One of them is my grandmother. In sorrow and heartache, I am writing this almost after 9 years. 1st April is her birth date. How time flies! I still remember every single touch, sensation and utmost intelligence of hers. I know surely that my life would have been so different if she would have been alive today. Was it all even real? It feels like a dream that ended very quickly. Maybe time teaches us about importance or maybe losses do.

I remember every single thing about her, from her wrinkles to her posture, her smile to her cooking and even the softness of her skin. When somebody says that if I even have 1% resemblance to her, I feel blessed as well as disappointed not to be able to brag it in front of her. The little moments we had are the most prized jewels I have got and the fact that nobody can steal our moments together just empowers me. All those nights cuddling with her, ruining her belongings, believing that what’s hers is mine and so much more are the little things I want to hang on to.

Till today I am drowning in regrets of not spending every day, every moment with her. The love she gave me can never be replaced by any other emotion or person. I still like to carry onto the things I got of her. My grandmother taught me how to keep on going despite the challenges we face. She taught me the importance of being able to stand on our own feet. She taught how patience overcomes all the negativity in the universe. She taught me to love unconditionally. And she taught me if life is trying its level best to push you down, how simple it is to rise back and prove yourself to the world.

Everyone and everything must end at a certain day. How about making every second count and just being thankful in what we have! Don’t give yourself any reason to regret on what you might lose. Hold tight onto the life you’ve got because many out there don’t have it like you do.

Happy birthday Dado. The strongest woman I knew.

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