Clinging To My Beloved

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When I clung to the body of the preposterously huge shark; it made sure within the next few seconds; that I would never be able to cling on any tangible or intangible surface; once again,

When I clung to the body of the satanically serrated crocodile; the beast relished this as the chance of its life; pulverizing me to nascent mincemeat; before he had time to wink his large eyes,

When I clung to the body of the pompously inflated gas balloon; the plastic snapped deliberately some thousand feet above the ground; leaving me literally counting my every breath; before I eventually disintegrated to minuscule pieces with the stones,

When I clung to the body of seductively silvery snake; the monster savagely hissed all tales of his private life into my intricate ears; before venomously sealing the tale of my impoverished existence,

When I clung to the body of the diabolical dinosaur; it gazed at me contemptuously like a grizzly haired lizard; the finally christened me a worthless mosquito; before stamping the last breath out of my shivering chest; with his gigantic feet,

When I clung to the body of the tumultuously enraged bull; it nastily stared at my uncontrollably trembling countenance for a few instants; before goring insidiously treacherous holes in each part of my skin,

When I clung to the body of the crazily dancing tarantula; it supremely enjoyed spinning a web all across every part of my body; before injecting its pernicious venom deep down my slavering throat,

When I clung to the body of the drearily exhausted traveler; he hurled me into the gory well without any second thoughts; commanding me to fetch him his inevitably golden pail of water; from amidst hostile fish; century old tortoise and slimy frog,

When I clung to the body of the fulminating volcano; the maelstrom tossed me like a piece of infinitesimally meaningless cake; before charring me to threadbare bits of miserly white ash,

When I clung to the body of the voluptuously tantalizing seductress; she extracted all the happiness she could from my clattering skeleton; before dumping me amidst invidiously wandering ghosts in the morbid graveyard,

When I clung to the body of the ludicrously guffawing clown; he first and foremost tossed me like elastic candy to appease his famished spectators; and then made me laugh out my entire breath out of my lungs; tickling me voraciously with his sleazy wand,

When I clung to the body of the ravishingly slippery creeper; I dozed harmoniously under the milky moon for a few minutes; before I eventually realized that devilish leeches hovering around; had consumed the last drop of my blood and flesh,

When I clung to the body of the spell binding magician; he ardently stared at me for marathon hours; before metamorphosing my rubicund demeanor into a burnt matchstick; which he then proudly flung into his cheering crowd,

When I clung to the body of the lethally black scorpion; it frantically wandered all over my skin; before finally deciding to vindictively stab me; right in the center of my eye,

When I clung to the body of the Herculean boxer; he suspended me at perilous inches from the ceiling; using the frigidly curled intestines of my stomach; as
his ultimate boxing bag,

When I clung to the body of the indiscriminately conquering devil; he made it irrefutably sure; that I resided in the island of penalizing hell; in every birth I got a chance to be born,

When I clung to the body of the incongruously unruly butcher; he held me upside down seizing my writhing feet; massacring the hair on my scalp; before masticating me to pungently delicious and high calorie meat,

When I clung to the body of the body of the betraying solider; he threw me as a titillating bait for his hedonistically marching enemy; then rested in celestial harmony; as they bombarded me to absolution with their; incomprehensible flurry of tanks and

And finally when I clung to the body of my sacrosanct beloved; it was here that I was reborn once again; for countless more times than I had lost life previously; immortally bonding with the passionate heat of her heart; mind and soul; to blissfully change the complexion of commercially strangled human kind.

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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