Commit This Sin. Again And Again And Again.

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O! Yes. Entirely and Unstoppably passionate was I. After the inscrutably teasing tresses in your ravishing hair; which inevitably compelled my fingers to come near; caress and timelessly disentangle,

O! Yes. Entirely and Fervently passionate was I. After your lusciously inviting lips; which rekindled the fire to live in my scraggily impoverished veins; even as I was buried a countless feet under heartless snow,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unsurpassably passionate was I. After your articulately heavenly fingers; which spawned an undefeated gorge of artistry in the complexion of my otherwise robotically bedraggled life,

O! Yes. Entirely and limitlessly passionate was I. After the insuperable compassion that enshrouded every ingredient of your blood; for every fraternity and dimension of pricelessly inimitable humanity,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unconquerably passionate was I. After your voluptuously enamoring hips; that made even the tiniest element of my persona ecstatically sway; under the impeccably tenacious moonlight,

O! Yes. Entirely and Tirelessly passionate was I. After each footprint that you embossed on pristinely moistened soil; which carved the most victoriously infallible trail for me to follow in my penurious life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Inexhaustibly passionate was I. After your tantalizingly gyrating belly; which drew me out of my deathly corpse; and into the untamed wilderness to once again sniff freshly exuberant life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Irrevocably passionate was I. After your mellifluously tinkling laughter; which made me feel like a prince effortlessly floating in the amiable clouds; for a countless more births of mine,

O! Yes. Entirely and Insanely passionate was I. After each droplet of silver sweat that dribbled from your arms; in the transparent mirror of which I could relentlessly stare into the candid intricacies of my life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unrelentingly passionate was I. After each sensuous whisper that emanated from your throat; which quelled even the most truculently unbearable of my misery; into the magical heartbeat of existence,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unceasingly passionate was I. After the invincible warmth of your magnetic bosom; in which I found divinely solace; amidst the most tumultuously hideous apocalypses and storms,

O! Yes. Entirely and Endlessly passionate was I. After each uncanny goose-bump on your reverberating skin; which triggered the most unassailable infernos of fertility; in all my brain; body and soul,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unimaginably passionate was I. After your bountifully Omnipotent palms; in each fold and line of which; was written and rewritten every aspect of my destiny; yet to royally unfurl,

O! Yes. Entirely and Bizarrely passionate was I. After your mysteriously intrepid shadow; that fomented me to fantasize beyond the realms of extraordinary utopia; in its shades of insatiably evoking lust,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unfathomably passionate was I. After every pinch of soil that you caressed; applying the same consecrated ash now on each of my wounds; to grant them eternal liberation and rest,

O! Yes. Entirely and Undyingly passionate was I. After your rustically enchanting simplicity; which forever led me in search of nothing else; but the absolute truth nestling in each ingredient of the planet divine,

O! Yes. Entirely and Imperceptibly passionate was I. After your honey laden nape; which made me feel the wealthiest man alive; as I gently nibbled through its nimble catacombs of profound womanhood,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unreasonably passionate was I. After your fierily ebullient breath; which never ever let me quit my life; forever enveloping it with rhapsodic desire; blessing it with the invincible essence to survive amongst a pack of wolves,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unshakably passionate was I. After every beat that leapt uninhibitedly from your immortal heart; which taught me that there was nothing else but love; in the starting and ending alphabet of life,

And now if the worthless world outside says; that falling into passion was committing a dreadfully unpardonable and inconsolable sin; then I for one was ready to commit this sin; again and again and again and again.

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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