Congregation Of Numbers

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Numbers have a profound power to enchant,
it all started centuries ago,
like a magic wand in a conjurer's hand,
when astral constellation in the sky shone;
revealing the mystical tale,
which i now present with authority:
number one depicts outstanding caliber,
number two is sensitive and pessimistic,
number three is forcefully domineering,
number four is unfailingly loyal,
number five is highly materialistic,
number six is sincerely steadfast,
number seven is unpredictably exciting,
number eight is a pendulum of emotions,
number nine is a born warrior,
number ten is a disposition of short temper,
number eleven is over ambitious,
number twelve is a thorough dreamer,
number thirteen is all willpower,
number fourteen is a solitary personality,
number fifteen is financially comfortable,
number sixteen is a true wanderer,
number seventeen is intelligently forceful,
number eighteen is a roughshod laborer,
number nineteen is arrogantly dynamic,
number twenty is deeply depressed,
number twenty-one is a negative thinker,
number twenty-two lacks self confidence,
number twenty three has a greed to dominate,
number twenty-four is an idealist of love,
number twenty five has a fiery temper,
number twenty-six is a bit impatient,
number twenty seven is a strong dictator,
number twenty eight crumbles to pressure,
number twenty nine cant face defeat,
number thirty can rise to great heights,
and number thirty-one is extremely diligent.
that concludes the summary of those born,
between the first and thirty-first of an astral month.

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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