In order to crack the enigmatic puzzle; I used the most stupendously intricate
arenas of my brain,

In order to crack the obdurate nut; I used the astronomical tenacity of my teeth,

In order to crack the astoundingly gloomy silence; I used my stringently
piercing  voice,

In order to crack the insurmountably hazy night; I used my twin paired crystalline eyesight,

 In order to crack spurious sadness ominously hovering around; I used my amicably compassionate smile,

In order to crack the incorrigibly bellicose brick; I used my fists plummeting like a thunderbolt; on its wretched periphery,

In order to crack the astutely austere corporate tycoon; I used frugal amounts of sly wit; circulating more mystically than the clouds in my blood,

In order to crack the diabolically freezing evening; I used my palms voraciously against the rocks; to generate unsurpassable loads of seductive heat,

In order to crack utter hopelessness; I used the invincible muscle impregnated euphorically in my bones,

In order to crack the ingenious idea; I used my inherent skill of profusely intense concentration,

In order to crack the yawn; I used my unfathomable treasury of will power to rise up to the occasion of pragmatic survival,

In order to crack inexplicably treacherous destiny; I used my spirit of fathomless adventure to confront the acrimonious world,

In order to crack pain; I used my lids to drink back my prolifically dribbling river of traumatized tears,

In order to crack the bottle; I used my nails to adroitly unleash the
insurmountably serrated steel cap,

In order to crack the pathway of horrendous dirt; I used my royally sparkling pool
of saliva,

In order to crack the majestically enchanting painting; I used my adroitly slender conglomerate of fingers,

In order to crack dismally mind boggling poverty; I used all the wealth I had assimilated till date; in the tenure of my short life,

In order to crack the chapter of inevitably precious existence; I used my exuberant mountain of Omnipotent breath,

And in order to crack the love of my ultimate dreams; I used the inner most realms of my passionately thundering heart; which shot its beats infinite kilometers above the sky; as each second unfurled itself into the fabulously blossoming spectrum called

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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