Ye Are Gods!

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I am a three time Near Death Experiencer - and the Aftereffects and the Cosmically ILLEGAL, raising of my Kundalini, has caused me to literally see, third-eye - my Past, Present and Future Lives,
those of Others, and all Co-existing Timelines, Probable and Possible Outcome Life Movies. I'm mad as Heck, until I realized, as 11 years of study, what we Duped Humans can do about the outrage
occasioned upon us by . . . Souls.

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BE Our Own Creators of Gaming Worlds We Can Occupy!

Submitted: April 01, 2018

I've spent 11 years studying How Heaven Words, How Hell Works, what Souls are, and are not. Mankind has been used and duped and it is time we had our Own Gaming System.
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