Ye Are Gods!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I've spent 11 years studying How Heaven Words, How Hell Works, what Souls are, and are not. Mankind has been used and duped and it is time we had our Own Gaming System.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - BE Our Own Creators of Gaming Worlds We Can Occupy!

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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Submitted: April 01, 2018



Ye Are Gods . . . 


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




Bless you on Sunday, Easter Celebrants.


As I have served to your human minds for the last 11 1/2 years, regarding the alleged Realm of Light and how Heaven and Hell work, the truth of Souls and demons, Incarnation and How It Works - and the fallacy that the NDErs favorite “god” "Source"- which they claim is a Divineness of Love and Light - all forgiving and all knowing, the Creator, The One - when in fact it is a sentient Entity recycling Soul Energy through endless Programmed Incarnations for Its own use. 


What a dirt bag LOSER.


Source claims it IS all Souls, all Everything, when in fact this is NOT true. No matter how often Souls proclaim it, through their human clients in Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy or the Experiencers in Near Death Experiencers, Source is NOT ALL THERE IS.


That’s silly.


Creator gods are abundant in the Universe, cosmically speaking.


It sounds like Source is a Big God, ITs energy and intelligence, Its data base - has been and IS built up HUGELY by Its Thoughtform characters = Souls, through their Programmed Experiences in many Planes, Games, Timelines, Programs, Dimensions or Realities.  The Infamous Source, who is a Single Gamer playing vast and unknowable Games with Itself. 




Looks like no Being wants to play with IT, so IT plays alone, a Single Player System.


Now, let’s start a rumor/idea:  Consider that 3D VR computer programs, 3D Video Games are on the horizon and some are already here and active.


People create and use Avatars all the time. The Gamer is the MIND of the Avatar, unless you program the Avatar to function in a certain way, under certain conditions. Not fun. So you know you can program that Avatar to have “special skills and powers” - right? And It lives in a VR video game world and soon a 3D Virtual Reality - which is part of a Game System you will have to purchase.  You can wear your 3D glasses and it will become “real” to you.


That is what “Heaven” has done - in an advanced and glorified invention.


They project part of their consciousness into a character they claim they invent.


And insert that part into an Avatar Human - except for all their computer skills and intelligence, knowledge of gaming systems and creating Universes, they cannot seem to create a perfectly able and stable, healthy and energetic HUMAN BEING.


Decaying teeth and pregnancy and periods?  Ewwww. Now come ON.


Don’t blame Jehovah. He’s got his own Game On.


Source supposedly has only Thoughtform Souls It can actually UNTHINK.  Lightning Bugs, in fact, because Source IS a Bug.


I guess Insects won the Evolutionary Race, huh?


Well, we humans are still here, and a lot of us suffer illnesses, diseases and disorders that Spiritual Advisors and Counselors insist are part of “our” lessons or adventures or challenges or experiences that “we” wanted.


Hence the sacred contract the Souls are required to sign and follow.


The contracts WE HUMANS did not ever sign or agreed to.


I mean, for most of you, would YOU have planned your life??


Me, either!


Souls who incarnate (possess a Human Avatar) have to sit in us, and have previously taken many classes in how to overtake, wire into and take over the Human Brain.  


Despite claims that we are a warm and loving species native to Earth, whom they use as Mules, Lab Rats, horses, Avatars, “Host Bodies,”  “Incarnational Vehicle,” you get the picture, this is actually an insidious and well-planned takeover/exploitation by an ET race of Insectoid Beings. So much for OUR Free Will, because we haven’t any.


WE did not decide much of anything about our lives. It’s time to change that.


Claims from Mediums and Spiritual Teachers, Gurus and New Agers and so on, that our lives suck because WE owed Karma or WE wanted this life or WE are responsible for our actions and WE signed a contract and so on, is false. It is propaganda.


We were born and mind-controlled by various means and that is truth.


Souls insist they don’t leave our bodies until we die.


In fact, they have 5 outs when the going gets grody and they even HIRE some Souls, who are NOT necessarily incarnated or VEILED, to get rid of the Human when they just cannot take it anymore.  Making the Incarnated Human Man who charged me $500 for an “energetic healing” which killed me, an Assassin - which is what he is, beside a Teacher of Dark Energy twerps.


Souls call such persons “Terminators.”  Not joking.


Or they turn your body over to ANOTHER Soul, who may be . . . a Juvenile Delinquent or worse. You will be put into a Hell program and your human energy culled as you suffer depressing and horrible scenarios created by those Souls and their NEW CONTRACT with God-Knows-Who.


Souls are NOT holy, good or perfect.  70% of them on the Earth Plane are CHILDREN.


It is like WEST WORLD and I have been saying that all along.


Now, here’s an idea.


Suppose newer generation Humans have the skill (and they will!) to create Virtual Reality Games which might as well be . . . Universes.  3D Virtual Reality Video Games. And they create the Avatars, healthy and well-designed, which can last as long as possible in the new “World.”


One day, you will not only be ABLE to do this, you will project your thoughts into that Avatar and direct it, because YOU created it. Whatever it is, whatever its construction and “personality” and so on.


It is claimed Source’s Souls are born, then taken to the “Place of No Ego” and programmed with their personalities and characteristics, and no two are the same.


Neither will YOUR Avatars be the same, as there are two human beings alike.  No, not even identical twins.


You will be able to make as many copies of your Avatars as you please. And keep them in a file. 


I hear there are 5 of me. How . . . ghastly to ponder.


Souls ALWAYS keep part of their Intelligent Energy at “Home” in the Light (as if there was something special about Light!) because they love their Home and want to stay there and continue to learn lessons.  Source’s high frequency vibrations are orgasmic to Its Thoughtform Bugs, so they call it “Love.”


They have made Earth their “severe” school, an “action planet.”


Imagine.  Why the Earth is corroded and hacked and horrible is explained by . . . what? Humans?


Seems like Souls, who have incarnated here for millions of years, just have not learned a darn thing. But they sure do have a great time playing . . . US.


Suppose you and all your friends band together and create 3D Virtual Reality Games - Universes - as long as it is a combo of your mental energies, all of you can play TOGETHER - and forget the school stuff and nasty, judgmental Teachers, Guides, and Masters, all of whom will grab my Internal Bug and slam her into the Brig as soon as she wings Home.


THEY won’t be in charge of OUR AVATARS.


We can project OUR consciousness into Avatars, too. We are doing it NOW.




Souls DO NOT HAVE NERVOUS SYSTEMS. Do you really believe they “experience” our physical or emotional pain from say . . . cancer or any one of thousands of Human diseases and disorders? They take home their “Life Movie,” have their “Life Review” and the emotional reactions/potentials of the Human “character” are deleted, so their friends can hop into their character and experience being US, without all the pain and suffering.




You will find out.


Next step: The day will come - oh, yes! when WE might be Half Borg anyway, it will improve your chances of winning Games, surviving Life and inventing computer programs and whatever.


And if not so, we STILL will be able to project most of our MIND, which is really all we are, into Avatars WE develop, create and program.


Until we can BE that Avatar.  And we can build BETTER FORMS (that’s how they refer to us: Host Bodies or FORMS or Incarnational Vehicles), which don’t have all the problems they have allowed us to suffer, just so they can experience what it is like to have OUR challenges in Life.


We can become our Avatars, and LIVE in our Created Worlds. 

There will be ENDLESS GAMES, developed by my children/grandchildren and great-grandchildren, ad infinitum, and Portals between them, so if your Energy is all right, you can take your Avatar self right on through and play in someone ELSE’S Created World.




So why not us?


As for the Human we leave behind - use your imagination. I can think of dozens of outcomes.


Imagine Stephan Hawking creating Universes, where he is not strapped in a chair, suffering ALS, until he was a Brain otherwise handicapped.


A BRILLIANT man, with a Soul who wanted that challenge and agreed to bring Dr. Hawkings' revelations to the world.


Brave Soul, but not too nice to Stephan Hawking, a man I MUCH admire.


By now he has FOUND OUT what I say is true!


It WILL come to pass, just as I describe to you.


Believe it. We can make it real.


What is “Source” going to do? - it is a single Player System!


We can have millions of humans participating - as long as we all agree and crush out the details and yeah, probably have contracts.


There ARE Hell Worlds, trust me. Let’s try NOT to develop those. Or Jail Worlds.  Or Fantasy Island Worlds.


Until every movie you’ve ever watched becomes REAL.


There is NOTHING which is not Virtual Reality already.


Let’s make it OURS.




Steal a little of our Souls energy when we project into those Avatars.


Heh! See how THEY like it!


And Source cannot send out the Wasp Troops to destroy our Creations, because it will be created by HUman Minds, the energy of OUR creative thoughts.


I’d like to look like Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings, if you don’t mind.


Sure we can create them to procreate! WHY NOT?


Whatever we can imagine, we can create.


And make it OUR REALITY.


There are already Portal Guardians! In the Spirit World, yes, indeed!


Remember, I am a multiple NDEr, and can see Past, Present and Future Lives, Co-existing and Possible/Probable Timelines.


My Soul looked at those as Parallel lines on her version of a Cell Phone. The Difference being, she could pull up one of those lines and WATCH the 2D movie.  She likes to “play with Timelines” and bargain with Maratona (“The Devil”) - all of which has ruined my life.


Souls create movies in 2D, but when they enter the film it becomes 100% REAL and 3D.


We’ll get there, folks.


OUR circus for us Monkeys.  <—— That’s what they call us.


Well, BUG OUT.


We have our own Universes to develop, create, sell, share, and keep right on developing.




Let’s start now. Computer Science is the education you want, believe me. 


Electronics, Gadgets, Programs (computer programming, very important) and there is a place, and a space for everyone.  Study Physics, Biology, Chemistry - be ready.


Does this sound like the movie AVATAR?


Of course it does.


You just forgot to ask: Why not?



Love you,

© Copyright 2020 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.


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