Be Our Own Gods of Our Created 3D VR Universes

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I am a three-time Near Death Experiencer. I am a victim of cosmically ILLEGAL raising of my Kundalini = all of which enables me to see, third-eye, my Past, Present and Future Timelines, Co-Existing
Timelines, Possible and Probable Timeline Movies, and those of Others who are in my Life Movies (Timestreams) - your Life is Streaming Video for Souls. I believe we have been DUPED, and we can
change this. This is how.

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Be Our Own Gods of Our Created 3D VR Universes

Submitted: April 01, 2018

My Life Plan was hacked and sent to a Hell Gaming System run by a Monster. Remember I am a three time Near Death Experiencer and any Past Life Repressionist is welcome to challenge me on what I
claim to be true. This is how we can Beat Souls who come here to Incarnate in our Bodies, with life contracts we never wrote and never would have. It is time to take back our POWER and create our
own 3D Avatar Games, because that is ALL SOULS HAVE EVER DONE!
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