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Submitted: April 01, 2018

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Submitted: April 01, 2018




When does one become conscious of his/her own existence? I don’t remember the age I had when I realized I was me. It sucks that you can’t be conscious of yourself since you were young, there’s a lot of events that happened in my life which I will like to change, skills I would have wanted to develop and people who I could cherish more.  But no, you are stuck with the life that a version and less experienced you decided for yourself when you were younger, another conscious you who acted irrationally and without caring about his/her future self, and you are always remembering the life of that person, when he vomited on the family car, when he couldn’t avoid the soccer ball and it hit his face, when he was too scared of riding roller coasters, you have the memories of someone you can’t remember, but that person is you as described by your parents, yet it doesn’t feel like it.

At one point in your life someone asks you whether you would travel back in time and change the choices you did when you were younger, and at the end I think it doesn’t matter either way, you are still going to remember whatever embarrassing errors you did first in your life, so I guess at the end everything bad you did is going to haunt you when your memory feels like remembering you about it, and I also think that people who say that errors are good because you learn something because of them is wrong, if I was taught what the right choice was beforehand I wouldn’t have had to experience the wrong choice’s consequence. Conclusion: Errors suck

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