"A war veteran reminiscing the causalities of war and life after serving the nation"



I have these voices struck in my head, the call of bravery and honor towards the country. Men serving their country with loyalty, faithful towards the love for their wives, caring for their children's protection; behind the enemy lines guarding them at front line fighting with honor and bravery.

It's been years since falling back from the battlefield living up with wife and kids on a desolated farm off the grid and grudges of the war. I never been happy returning home these nightmares strike hard returning to normal life. The quest for mankind in the times of war are judged by my actions and I see my fellow brothers defending the country against artillery crossing the enemy lines firing and taking bullets in the name of war. I watched my brothers mangling against the enemy infiltration with rustic tanks devastating my battalion into ashes. The anguish squeal Captain Help us!!! Haunts me even today. The shredded bloodied body parts scattered in rabbit holes and front line the blood blotching through veins, arteries along their gut like a smeared animals.

Infiltrating the enemy at the line of control was a tough choice crawling under the fence with protective gears, guns and ammos on their shoulders weight. 

Broken helmets, slithered boots, torn uniforms scattered vaguely throughout the battlefield. The medics rushing for help stabilizing the wounds with morphine's and plasma. 
Carrying the wounded through stretchers driving them back safe against heavy artillery and destroyer bunkers equipped with fire power enough to take down the sergeant and his paratroopers.

The skies surrounded by super marine spitfires deploying soldiers through chutes landing them on the ground taking fire on airborne and on to the landing grounds falling back in retreat waiting like owl's watching enemy's arrival and retaliate, captivating enemies and drawing whereabouts and suppressing them for the day. 

The churches sheltering the wounded, aiding them with supplies and medicines; safeguarding them against this brutal bloodshed warfare

Trailing over the mountains crossing the villages hiding beneath the rabbit holes from the oncoming spitfires and land mines.
The enemies suppressing with tanks, spitfires, machine guns, snipers, bazookas, Karabiner 98K bolt action rifles, Luger P08 and KA-Bar knives that of a nuclear weapons enough to submerge us on the ground with ashes. 

Moving forward cautious venting emotions with bravery for the sake of peace towards mankind.

These Medal of Honor against their act of valor is exceptional. The horrors of these wars are heart-wrenching, unendurable woman and children stranded to death, wounded, Severance against these oppressive dictators with tyrannical powers bringing down mankind into ashes. 

The casualties of war have never been the same gargantuan deaths, millions of Holocaust Genocide, ethnic cleansing, thousands of wounded laid in hospitals and churches abandoned without medical care, captivated POWs, hundreds of men  missing in action the remains of their wrecked Helmets, tattered uniforms, lost boots, abandoned guns left on the raging fiery deserted battleground.

The war fought along with my brother in arms, carrying them on our shoulders with heavy heart leaving no men behind the enemy lines. The blazing bullets fired from enemy's artillery shells sending jitters in our spines. It isn't the bullets that kill the soldiers; it’s the people on power trying to conquer the world in the name of war. These reminiscing nightmares are never ending and I'm never out of the fight as my duty calls to serve my nation with Pride, Honor and bravery protecting Men, Women, Children and Mankind against aftermath of war.


All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.”

-Winston Churchill

Submitted: April 02, 2018

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Bert Broomberg

Good thoughts about war.

Fri, April 13th, 2018 9:57am

Archer Davis

Thank you my friend...

Wed, June 13th, 2018 5:08am

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