"Wonderwall", was the name of a song by an English rock band called Oasis, written by the band's main songwriter, Noel Gallagher, and it was released in an album called “(What’s the Story) Morning

According to Gallagher, "Wonderwall" describes "an imaginary friend who's going to come and save you from yourself." Another definition of the word "Wonderwall" in the English language is "soul

Unknown to many, beneath the facade of our mundane material world lies an unseen world of mysteries, magic, and even life after death.

In this unseen world, the name “Morning Glory” has been known far and wide as a legendary name. It was the name used to refer to a hero who represented the oppressed and the innocent against the
forces of evil.

His character was not that of arrogance, but a kind of humility who touched the hearts of the people he met. He also had a natural charisma that caused him to be admired and respected by many, both
men and women.

He had a partner whom he would love and admire, who would share weal and woe. Their companionship and rapport was the envy of all. Everyone wished that their relationships were like theirs. She was
his wonderwall, and he was hers.

She became known by everyone as “The Wonderwall”, and both of them were called the “Wonderwall Lovers”.

Over time, the Wonderwall Lovers disappeared from this unseen world and the seen world, separated from each other to endure trials to discover themselves further and forge their souls with greater
wisdom and insight.

It was prophesized that once they reunite and return to this world, they will be more powerful, and the forces of darkness will tremble before them. And there are rumors abound and that time is

In fact, that time is now.

Table of Contents

The Blue Wall

Annabelle placed her palm gently on the white wall. The wall glowed in a bright blue light, illuminating her with the color of dark blue,... Read Chapter

Out of Body Undercover

“We need you for some undercover missions and you will need to adopt the identity of a middle school student. We have prepared an ident... Read Chapter

Eye of the Moon

Around a century ago, a spy known by the name “Matahari” was executed by the firing squad. However, she did not really die. B... Read Chapter

School Days

Over in Singapore, the situation was a little different. Annabelle, now renamed as Alice, was residing in Singapore, and she rented a... Read Chapter

The Arena of Doom

Over at the Gobi Desert was a platform that looked like an arena for fighters made out of only square bricks made from sand, just like ... Read Chapter

The Final Sandstorm

The sword “Saba” clashed with “Donki Houtei”, the ultimate demonic sword. The clashes of the sword were powerful enough to create... Read Chapter

New Beginning, New Purpose

In her dreams, she heard that voice again. “Who are you?” she asked. “I am just like you? I have the same abilities as you.... Read Chapter

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