The reality isn't always friendly

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This is not a classical story. The plot won't always follow the rules. But it contains true emotions.

You understand it while fighting through everyday routines. Every single minute can be a struggle. A struggle through weakness, a struggle through unwanted strength. A struggle through every single endless day. Everyone experiences it, and everyone passes each test of life successfully to a certain extent. But what would you say about a struggle through silence?

I am sitting in a dark, but spacy room. I am writing these words in a notebook too plain to describe vividly. I hear only silence. I know, I almost physically sense the scribbling sounds of a pen on the paper. I am neither deaf, nor mentally ill. At least, not yet.

I am waiting. I am waiting for someone to come. Though I haven't checked the door, I am incredibly sure it's closed. And I am still waiting. It has become my torture. I remember my last day at home. I remember each little bit of a noisy, laughing, musical life I've had then...

I don't know who invented it. No idea. Someone has created the most exquisite, sophisticated torture I could think of. My criminal unknown has put me into the room which suggested everything from a soft wide bed to a shiny bathroom. However, the room was artificially silenced. I mean, at all - no music, no sound from the TV which showed images in HD resolution, no sound of steps, no voices, nothing...

I am a translator and interpreter. Voice is my everything. Hearing is my everything.

And my torturer left me nothing. So I cannot even struggle through life anymore. I am just sitting in silence and waiting. What for?..

Submitted: April 02, 2018

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WOW its amazing! Seriously its so thrilling and am excited to read more and learn from the struggle and rejoice at the struggler's victory..

Tue, April 3rd, 2018 4:28am


Thank you so much!)) I appreciate your impressions, they inspire me to write further on!)

Mon, April 2nd, 2018 10:05pm

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