The Night Where Demons Come to Play

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This story is about a little village in the middle of nowhere that has an occurrence once a month that causes people who have the most demeaning souls to come forth among the living.

The woman who cheated on her husband (he does not know) and killed their only child with the poison that flooded into her system until her daughter is dead (which her husband did not know either) drove out from the midst of the lights that she drifted from town. She still felt the sliminess of the man that she had an organism with dry between her legs when she continued to drive the 1976 Mustang Stingray into the glimpse of fields that are all around her, not seeing any other car on the road when she continued to drive with the stereo down to mid-volume, making sure that her hair is straight in the rearview mirror that is pointed into her face.

The instrument panel of the car gave her enough light when she pulled the mirror away, looking out at the windshield when she lit a cigarette in the flow of air in the car. It is a hot night for the outside around her when she have both windows down, feeling the air on her face when she didn’t even bother to clean herself after the event of infidelity that is still dancing upon her fruitless and corrupted mind of evil and nothing else.

To hell with the bastard, the woman by the name of Karen Sours continued to smoke, moving the cigarette up and down in her mouth. The tires are new on the Stingray when she continued to glide over the road, ticking off the miles on the car when all she can see in the arid darkness is the fields of corn before meeting the fields that are desolate with nothing but flatlands with various stalks of wheat that are growing wild in the grass that looks to be somewhat maintained.

She popped the ash out of the window when she continued to smoke, keeping the wheel on the car when she heard the music come through the only one speaker that is installed in the back of the car. All she could think of is the man – a real man that she was giving it to that has all the bells and whistles that he has in his house that is bigger than her bastard of a husband that is broken down and needed for a bullet to be put in his head. That is the last interest he is going to get from her with the bastard dead and her smiling over his grave, saying, “I won. I WON!!!”  In the degradation of her diseased and corrupt filled mind. She kept the needle of the speedometer at a comfortable sixty five miles an hour with that one hand on the wheel of the car when she heard something on the radio when she ran her hand over to the knob to turn it up. What she heard was this:

“Evening all you cats and cool wanderers that are out there this evening around the burgs of Deke. This is the night of the Wanderers themselves so being sure to be indoors on the night when the Wanderers come out to play. This is tradition around the burg of Deke and we don’t want the tourists to be disturbed by the people that are out there to cause havoc to people that don’t know of the Wanderers. They come out to play one time a year and they do like to play. I can’t assure you of your safety but be warned; they won’t take any mercy when you come across them.”

Karen Sours made a disgusting noise when she flipped the radio off, cutting off the sound of the disgusting DJ that is making some trivial pursuit of some creatures that will bump in the night, looking for demented frolic and fun such as these beings named the Wanderers when she continued to drive and drive into the night with the skies clouded with not one star and not even a moon casted in the skies. The air in the darkness is warm when she got to a stop sign in some road that she never drove from, taking a right from the stop sign and driving in the intended direction towards home. She used the GPS on her phone when she continued to drive, knowing that her husband is not home when she also noticed that she has no one to talk to in this entire state when she knew that mommy and daddy are in Washington with their retirement in full swing.

The only people that she can talk to are complete strangers when she can dial that famous three digit number in her phone and get that calm voice on the other end of it.

The road that she got on is smooth and new when she continued to drive about two miles with the radio off, seeing something white come towards her on the outer banks of some house that is lit with no shadows in the window when she came further and further towards the sign on the side of the road.

In the distance, she can see the white before she sees the red that is painted over the white when she noticed that the streaks of red formed words that are scrawled and almost illegible. What she thought she reads is this:

You Are Warned, They Wonder at Night

She passed like a silent sigh when the engine kept rumbling under the hood when she continued to drive at a comfortable sixty five miles an hour down the road. The GPS still worked when she continued to drive, getting away from these poor hick people that she wouldn’t waste a breath at when she continued to drive with her skinned thighs getting sticky. While she continued to drive, she smoked the last of the cigarette and flicked it out from the window, not realizing that the cigarette flew back into the cab of the car when it bounced off the back seat of the car and dropped onto the vinyl cushion with the cherry of the cigarette still burning.

She didn’t notice this when she grabbed the cigarette box from the gearbox and opened the cardboard hinge on it, grabbing another cigarette from the box when she raised her eyes at the other pair that is seeing nothing in the drab of headlights that is leering down at the little boy on his ten-speed bike with a paper satchel wrapped around his neck.

“OH MY GOD!” She spurted out of her mouth in one quick exhale when she locked the brakes on the car as the tip of the car lurched forward, closer and closer like a tiger that has seen the prey that is graced before it when the boy flew into the nose of the car and jumped upward like a jack on a spring, hitting the windshield and shattering it in a deep spider crack of webs when the boy flew forty feet over the car and landed on the road with his head shattering on the road, creating a splatter of blood and gore like a sauce pack hitting a tarmac in a speed of over sixty miles an hour from a distance of one hundred and thirty feet – more or less.

The boy’s nose is disintegrated with what is left of it driving into his brain that should have killed him.

The skidded about forty miles an hour when the car drifted over to the left lane of the road before it stopped with her breathing hitching and her mind pulling in three hundred different directions all at once. Her eyes are widened like the coasters under tea cups and her heart is about ready to skip a beat and send her out of this world entirely when she thought of her freedom that is now in peril the moment she hit that boy that is in the middle of the right lane of the road.

“Oh my god…Oh my god in heaven,” She spoke in silent prayer to herself when she didn’t touch the wheel of the car with the windshield all shattered to the point that she can’t see out of it anymore. The upper part of the car is dented when she did the first course of what will change her life for the rest of her life when she got the energy to jump out of her car to see if the boy is still alive.

When she got back there…Karen knew that he is not.

She went back to her car and then breathed in and out a couple of times before rearing her head back and closing her eyes before opening them.

What am I going to do now? Karen thought when she can feel the stickiness that is on her jeans on each of her thighs as she can feel the hairs being pulled by each measure. God, I am such a dirty whore.

She continued to think of an answer when she found it, rolling down her driver side window when she poised to poke her head out of the window when something curled around her throat in violent force, smelling the scent of Axe Deodorant and Old Spice roll-on that is underneath that armpit that has her in a dead lock when blood started to drip on the side of her face.

“Got your hot one right here, ma’am; it’s all printed on the front page. There is only three hours before print time and I have some time to get the finishing story down. Three hours I can play with you, nothing more.” A young voice slithered into her hearing when she tried to fight that being that has her in a head lock, choking the life out of her.

“I never touched a tit before. Give one a squeeze. I should do it right now before I kill you.” The young voice giddied when Karen did something in fast haste, grabbing the knife out of her pocket and pressing the button to reveal the four inch blade that was hidden in the hilt when she thrust the knife over her shoulder and into the face of the assailant that has her.

She heard the sound of screaming over her shoulder when she was let go. At the same instance, more blood flew on her face when she geared the car into drive and drove like a bat out of hell, squealing the tires towards some spider cracks that is in her field of vision that is also mix with the blood that is running down her face.

“You Jezebel; I’ll fix you!” The guy made a crazy laugh that is mixed with the pain of that laugh when he started running to the side of the car, gaining speed to the point that it is almost inhuman like when he got to the side of the car.

Karen started to raise the window with her hand cranking it up before the face that is so bashed in that it didn’t look like a human face, just a bloodied mess with no teeth pulled his hands upon that winding window, depressing the window to the point that it shattered on the riser that is inside the door in a crinkling, hallow sound.

“You whore, don’t you want to play, ‘Hide the Salami?’” He crooned a crazy laugh when he reached inside again with one of his teeth dropping onto her lap when Karen slashed the knife towards the destructive face of someone that used to be human.

He cried a crazy, hurtful laugh when he dropped one hand onto his face that is bleeding like a cut artery. Karen rebounded and then stabbed the assailant in the hand when he recoiled and flew out of the cab of the car, dropping onto the road when the back tire of the stingray ran his head over and squished it like a rotten pumpkin that has been in the pumpkin patch for far too long.

“What the fuck is happening?” she screamed in the cab of the car when the shattering windshield is nothing pretentious in her wake of the road that is unclear and unknowing.

She sucked in air when she braked the car towards what feels like the side of the road when she came forward and rested her head on the steering wheel. The car kept running and it didn’t even hitch a little.

That is when something jumped on the back of her car and crawled up the roof of it is when she peed in her pants.

“Hi, baby. I’m gonna get some of that too, you stinky whore!” He craned his bloodied face over the roof of the car when she jumped off the brake and slammed on the gas when the car lurched like a Lynx. The boy held on when at the same time he shimmied up to the windshield with his laughter blurring over the sound of the burning rubber tires.

“Let’s see if you can see well.” The boy dug his hand into the side of the windshield like butter and dug the remaining glass out of the cowling. Karen started to bawl with her mind leaving her senses towards the point of insanity.

“There we go.” He threw the windshield over the passenger side of the car when he appeared his bloody, mincemeat face over the hole of where the windshield is.

“You better keep an eye on the road before you KILL BOTH OF US!!!” He reached into the cab of the car when Karen braked the car, sending him in a skid that landed him forty feet from the front of the car when all she can hear is the sound of the grumbling engine underneath the hood that is still running like a champ.

“OW…Son of a BITCH!” The boy screamed when he turned his head towards the veil of headlights. His arm is broken and his ankle is broken also when he tried to get up but couldn’t.

“I can still get it up for you baby. Just give me a kiss.” He rolled his tongue out of his mouth, mixing the blood and fresh scarring that is all over his face when the car jumped forward like a horse that is in a fenced area for so long as the boy continued to smile that evil, crazy smile.

His head connected with the bumper of the car when the back of his head connected with his spine, ripping his head most of the way off when his body followed suit with the slam sounded like a sack of potatoes hitting the floor. The car jumped a little over the body when the engine still ran like a champ, not hitching, not suffering from missing points when Karen kept driving and drove until the shakes of the adrenalin leaving her hit full force. She stopped the car until her breathing became even, not realizing that the car’s engine temperature is rising from the radiator that took a beating when the car sat there on the right lane with not even a car in the glimpse of her vision.

She got under control and started to drive towards some place that she had never been before when she didn’t realize in the midst of all of this, the signal on her phone just dropped.

She arrived in a town that looks more desolate and deserted than any other town that she had ever been before. smoke is coming up from under the car’s hood with the smell of burning oil when the car started to make a whirring sound with the oil seals and the piston rings burning in the block of the engine, getting close for the engine that is about to cease up when she pulled the car on the side of the road and got out.

This will be the last time she will ever see the 1976 Ford Mustang Stingray ever again when she can see the intersection light that is blinking ahead of with the red stop light blinking and blinking. The windows are all dusty and there is not even a light on in any establishment inside any building when she got scared, feeling like running back to the Mustang with the radiator fluid running out of the spent radiator in big drips that are the size of quarters. The lights on the sidewalk assured her a little when she kept walking, looking for help from any building that looks like it holds some form of life when she felt the night air rush around her.

The sound of a river ran in the distance that she cannot see when she continued to walk, rubbing her elbows with both of her hands that are clutched against her breasts.

How is she going to explain this to her bastard of a husband? She didn’t know and she didn’t care. Something is wrong with her car and she needed to get it fixed when she kept moving, going past something that is posted on one of the light signs when she backtracked and looked at the sign that is posted there.

If you are reading this then it is already too late. The Wanderers are upon you.

Who in the hell are these Wanderers, she wondered with not even a care in her heart when she thought about ripping that sign and stomping it with her right foot. Fuck the Wanderers, she needed to get her car fixed. She walked towards the intersection of town when she swore she heard the sound of two voices talking. She stopped and looked all around her when the voice drifted away like the dust. She started to walk again when the voices came back like the volume of a stereo being turned up.

She looked around again when she sees the two guys on the other side of the street, looking like they are getting into a heated argument when she thought about going over there but worried about what these two men would do when she kept her ground with her mind at odds an her feelings all mixed up in a bottle of mystery that is inside of her.

The one man pushed the other man. They are both dressed up in what looks to be like outdated suits when the one man rebounded and pushed the man that pushed him. The man said something that sounded more heightened than the last instance of what they are arguing when the other man who listened tensed up, balling his hands up into fists when he arched his right fist back and struck the other man in the face. The man jumped back when Karen sees something in his hand as the man who was shoved raised something in his right hand, looking like a bottle that is clutched around a brown paper bag when he smashed it over the other man that is now in this moment in the fear for his very life.

“You bloke, I’ll garrote you!” The man with the paper bag brought the bag down on the man that is started to bleed for his life when the bottle that is inside the bag broke into a foamy mess that rained all over the man that is now stammering and crying.

The man started to bleed when Karen raised both of her hands to her open mouth, thinking about running back to her car with…why in the hell did she leave her phone in her car?

The man with the paper bag had the shards of the bottle when he smiled in devil’s delight when he went to the man who is pleading mercy, showing no mercy to the victim that is now being attacked towards the point of death. She turned back to where her car is stationed when he bumped into the bloodied face of what is left of the boy that she ran down some time before.

“I found you!” He mocked when he grabbed her by the neck with both of his hands working over her throat that is closing her windpipe.

She tried to breath but only came back up a croak when the bloodied face revealed the gum line of what is left of his teeth.

“Yes, now you die and become one of us. Come with the wondering band, my love. We have so much to share!” He cackled that bloody laugh when something came out of the alleyway with a hand appearing through the void of colors so bland.

“Be gone.” A stranger spoke and a voice did not utter an answer to why.

Everything vested into the pinnacle of darkness when Karen Sours dropped into the darkness where she slept until time did wondered to question. When she woke up, she is in a room that is paved in many newspaper clippings that stretch every inch of the walls of where she is. The fan that is posted on the dresser is osculating the air, creating a calming draft on her naked skin when the lamp in the corner made an odd light all over the room. The room is so small, feeling like a room for people to come and study their findings in pilings that are nowhere to be seen.

She wiped the sweat from the brow of her forehead and got up, noticing that her shoes are off her feet when she found the door past the many newspaper clippings and went to it with her hand working on the knob of the door.

It is locked when her fear rose up with her heart that is coming out of her throat in garbled screams.

“Let me out of here!” She screamed through the door.

“Let me out, you fucking bastard! Let me the fuck out of here!”

The door swung inward, jumping her out of her senses when a man came into the door with his boot on and a snarl that is on his face.

“You think I wanted to save you. I almost died out there on the Night of the Wandering?” The man looked like he is about to stick a blade into her sternum and cut it down to drop her guts into the floor.

“What the hell? What was that boy with the bloodied face?”

“They’re dead. Resurrected and wondering through the lands. They’re not like Pet Semetary something that is ripped out from a Romero movie. They are filled with the lust for hate and they want to take it out upon the living.” The man approached the window in the room.

“You can’t see them but they are there. They are walking in the night when they come one time in the middle of the month of every month.” The man came from the window and pondered around her.

“My name is Clarence. Did you hear the reports on the radio?” He asked her.

“Yeah but I thought it was a prank. My phone is still in my car.”

“Yeah, the stingray; I know. That is when I started to watch you walking down the street, looking at that sign and throwing some negativity all over.” Clarence buckled a smile a little when he fished a cigarette out of his right pocket.

“You smoke?” He moved the pack over the air when Karen took one.

“Are those cigarettes menthol?”

“No, I had to nix those. My throat is getting the brunt of the beating from the long years of abuse.”

“Oh,” Karen poked one in her mouth and waited for the light that she fished out of her pocket, lighting it up and filling her lungs with the sweet grace of Nicotine.

“The Wanderers; I never heard about them before.”

“They are people that can either go to heaven or hell, lost in the fields of living to torment them until something decides to extract them from this world. What extracts them is something beyond comprehension from the living.” Clarence scoffed when he kept away from the window.

“Are we safe here?” Karen asked Clarence when Clarence looked at her in the eyes, not making any suggestion of feeling for her, looking out her himself when he cantered to the window to look out some more.

“If we stay in pairs and wait until morning. Then this will blow away. Just get some sleep.” Clarence looked at her when Karen thought of not sleeping for the rest of the night.

She didn’t know this man. He could be a rapist when she kept her senses up and waited for the rest of the night.

“Just to let you know, in the morning it would be wise to confess your sins to the village priest that is at the Baptist Church. If you don’t then these bastards will haunt you until the end of your days.” Clarence spoke to the woman, wondering to the door with his hand grabbing the knob that leads to the outside.

“I’ll keep the door open but stay away from the window through the night. They get more desolate before the sun starts to come up.” Clarence kept the door open a crack when she wondered what in the hell has she gotten into.

Outside the building of where she is staying, the sound of the river still bled its course of washing up on every inch of wet land that is around the sides of the water. The intersection light still blinked through the night with no sound that is upon the roads that ran into and out of town while people kept their doors unlocked, not wanting to go outside and face the Wanderers. They cannot be seen until it is too late.

Submitted: April 02, 2018

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